Kaspersky, The #Trump interview, and twitter..

I found it quite amusing for some in the press(on both sides of the isle) to declare ‘no one would conduct ‘spying’ on twitter. The very fact you would be so old as to make this claim suggest quite the opposite. It is the old old story of hiding in plain sight. One must understand that the ‘cyber sphere’ as some have dubbed it, is a fluid space. It has, hundreds of platforms, applications, etc. What Mr. Trump has done(not alone, obviously) but he has defined it as a place where he can go and speak directly to the people. Right or wrong, in that moment he provided it as a platform without ‘media bias’ cept that created by algorithms within twitter and such.

The two class system twitter seems to want to impose of those with and ‘without’ check marks would serve as some sort of cheap class system, save one problem ‘bots’ you get one bot verified and you’ve ‘beat the system’ so to speak just a point of interest in case they should ever decide to ask for something like a copy of an ID card to verify people and actually make the system more legit.

In follow up to my bit yesterday, about Kaspersky, the @guardian published a story(I list it here as im about to image snip from it)


As I stated yesterday “The Russians, do not need me to defend them they can advocate for themselves.” I believe in this my words have rang true. To the ‘Senate intel committee’ I strongly suggest, in the interest of fairness you take Mr. Kaspersky up on his offer. Let me tell you why, so theres no disillusionment. I view Mr. Kaspersky as a ‘security researcher’ nothing more, nothing less someone who has managed a business and one of the values we hold up as Americans is the ‘right to face ones accuser’ while the Senate is no formal ‘court of law’ as such, it gives the man a reasonable chance to explain himself, and his companies position on an issues which may have or may be of interest. This is what we call a ‘spirit of fairness’ I’m sure that needs no explanation. He may also have some insight, if provided with materials(as appropriate) in to the actions of the actors in “APT 28” which is of such interest to so many.. it gives a different point of view, a contrast if you will to the “crowdstrike” report. Which may indeed prove crucial in some yet unforseen way going forward.

Moving on a little, to Mr. Trumps interview last night. I watched as Fox attempted to take the conservative/ general republican position. I watched as Ms. Maddow and @Lawrence (I believe thats the correct @) presented what amounted to an attempt to prosecute a case in the court of public opinion(I really do enjoy Ms. Maddows work, believe she’s a good reporter however, very vested in the Trump – Russia story).

Finally the dial landed on @CNN the were going on about how upset (Im paraphrasing from memory here) the ‘White House’ was that ‘Russia has tricked them’


Dear Goddess, honestly? Okay let me tell you what I know. At the end of the day we are all human and foul-able. My thoughts on this however are, frankly, I see no deception. The meetings were planned and announced, I assume security at the White House did their job(and I know they have bug sweeping tools they can clear any room, including the oval office) so what I can only assume I am seeing is a bit of professional jealousy on the part of the American media that the Russians had a bunch of pictures to put out and they did not immediately. Honestly here folks, I put more thought in to the proverbial ‘chess board’ then most because I like to think.

Russia did not ‘trick’ the white house, one must I think view them as one who will always sit across the chess board. At the beginning of any game the sides are evenly matched but every day for my sake I reset the chess board mentally speaking. In doing so, I can sit down and attempt to apply the benefit of hindsight of the past days events to those currently playing out.

As I have stated many times, I love my country. I would be fool to think, as would most anyone that I am the only person in the world to feel this way about where they lived, where they were born, etc. Thusly is the way I view Mr. Putin, I have never met the man, to my knowledge we have never had a direct conversation but I believe on some level I understand him, perhaps this is just speculation on my part but if so, so be it, my blog, I’m entitled to a little.. Three days before his appearance at the Hockey event, I got a proverbial ‘heads up’ that something involving hockey would be involved somehow in the coming days. I will not go in to the when how where when and why in public, though Ill answer any questions my Gov has because its not something that I believe is any kind of secret and I dont have any intent to hide anything from them.

I am going to probably write two bits today as there is more to cover, however this all seemed pressing. Going forward, my Countrymen(and women) I will never suggest that we should not remember history. That the events of ‘Nixon’ should never be discussed but as I have illustrated here we believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and as Mr. Trump is in FACT not Mr. Nixon it is unfair to try him in a court of public opinion no matter which side of the isle you sit on. Report the facts, offer your opinions by all means but I ask you(and remember, as I write this, I did not even vote for the man.. perhaps a mistake in hindsight.. i dont know..) remember that this man IS in fact(seemingly somewhat to even his surprise at times if his on camera bit the other day at the WH is any indication) our President. He sits as Commander in chief and what ever role we need him to sit in as not only a leader, but a servant of the people. He deserves the chance to tell his side of the story and if he and his communications staff have some work to do.. give them time to do it. I do not yet know what kind of President this man will be, but I do know he deserves the respect of the person who holds the office for as long as he holds it.




P.S. I am CC’ing this to Mr. Rubio and the Indiana reps as it involves topics that maybe of interest to them (Fair notice)



Let me now find eloquence where words flowed quickly in passion of treading on history’s pages


Some 4 hours ago, I sat back in my little self proclaimed fort / cave / what have you and listened to a ‘senate intel panel hearing’ or some such.

I dont know who those people were, but I’m fairly sure they were some of the Pentagon brass. I would not expect them, in fairness to install software on a ‘secure’ system. They had not vetted this would defy logic. However, My concern here runs far deeper.

We have so many in our press, in our public, especially in light of recent events with The President, and Mr. Comey.. worried about the 2016 election. They prattle on and on about it. For my part as far as APT 28 goes, I have maintained an objective skepticism. When I see the server logs, code snips etc then and only then will I offer an informed opinion on the topic of APT 28.

As to the matter of ‘Did Russia influence the 2016 election with ‘propaganda’? The truth of it, I don’t know. I believe one could make such a case or try to, but when ones goes to sit down to such a task they must ask themselves, in my humble opinion, how far our own press influences events on other shores and where in do we find the balance of right and wrong? Epic questions.. probably best left for wiser souls on other days.

I return to the matter of @Kaspersky because this, is what troubles me.

When it comes to their software, I bought it not based on what company made it, or where that company was based but rather because in my informed opinion it was the best option available at the time.

We have this story from @ABC


“Russian firm under FBI scrutiny offers to help any federal investigation”

I wonder, if the proverbial shoe were on the other foot, and the company were Symantec (or pick an AV company) under suspicion by Russia.. how many people would have different feelings on the topic.


I do not wish to draw any parallels between myself and Mr. Hanks, or his character in this movie, but this movie plot, illustrated a point. A lesson we can choose to take from history, and one that fuels the passionate words I found earlier, that I now work to try to put in to a more presentable form.

We profess to believe deeply in democracy, we profess that this is the founding core of our republic. Yet we would not grant those we would consider an adversary  the benefit of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ promised us as one of our cherished freedoms?

As I alluded to above,  I do not know all the ‘facts on the 2016 elections’ but let us not muddle about, and profess everyone and every company from a country guilty of being ‘against us’ in some ‘us vs. them’ nightmare reliving of the cold war. Simply because they speak a different language or we have some preconceived notion of guilt.

In truth, and in closing, either what we believe here is just and good and true for all men(and women) or it is not so, and as a woman who loves her country, I finally at the end of the day, refuse the accept that. 🇺🇸

I believe that we will survive, not in spite of our values, but because of them and if they shine as a light unto the world then long may that light burn for all who would seek it.


I dont know how many people read these… but…

I am aware, of the ‘bubble’ created by the media surrounding places like New York, and DC. If you’re reading this, perhaps its time to peek outside the bubble and have a look at some thoughts from what some in Congress refer to as “fly over country” because believe it or not there are some thoughts that don’t exist along the coasts.

I paid a visit to the local grocery store last night and one of the headlines(Yes, I realize this is wonderful for selling papers) was World War 3. I take care of my business in the local small town this morning, come home and again get an almost step-by-step guide courtesy of Sputnik on twitter “How Donald Trump could start World War 3”.

I again find myself sitting here asking, as perhaps the only adult in the room(Goddess I hope not) why this is such a fascination with people. Lets flash back for a moment, to World War 1. Okay, this is pre-Nuclear weapons warfare. How many people died again?

(I dont have the figures off the top of my head) A lot, okay, a friggin lot. Then we move down the historical road a bit to world war two. Again, how many people died? Once again, we’ll just go with ‘a lot’ whats more, it was billed as a ‘war to end all wars’ well, that didn’t work out so great. We had Korea 1, and Vietnam, not to mention the Gulf wars, Afghanistan, etc.

I made a comment after seeing Mr. Putin/Russia and RT(Russia today) talking about Venezuela and how he was not wasting a diplomatic opportunity because even though I have friends in Venezuela, between Mr. Putin and Mr. Assad. I have felt my hands rather tied in so much as retweeting my friends down there as I am an American and haven’t wanted to be seen as interfering.

Yet, Had the cards been played well by others in the ‘resistance’ in Venezuela, they would have had at least one night of peaceful streets, because ‘through the grapevine’ of the underground down there I had caught wind of Mr. Maduros promise to hold some elections if the people would ‘be cool’ (that meant keep the streets calm to say the least). Now I shared this information quietly with two of my friends in a discreet way and its not long before one of the is going on about ‘A Navy Seal followed me’. Okay so I learned something, some of my associates down there don’t handle discreet well.

Lesson learned, and point taken. However, this shows me, that if the right messages were filtered through the right channels that hope of change there does exist in a peaceful fashion its a matter of timing and ‘who do I trust'(Thats a damned short list by the way.)

I do Not fault, Mr. Putin for taking advantage of a diplomatic opportunity, it was one I was not in a position to act of as Mr. Maduro has been screaming about ‘American intervention’ when the truth is, I have done VERY little to intervene short of retweeting what others in the country have already said mostly with the intent of helping them get elections, food, medicine and other such things,

It has ALSO come to my attention Mr. Assad has decided to weigh in on these issues. Claiming ‘the west wants to rule the world’ or some other such tripe. Mr. Assad,I am making every attempt to be respectful and refrain from weighing in on the chemical weapons issues in your country. Instead of throwing the weight of my voice behind opinion against you where others have called for your removal or trials for events which have unfolded. Instead choosing to leave these matters in the hands of the United Nations who are far better equipped to weigh and measure such things. This is NOTHING but a courtesy on my part. In return, I would ask, please, that you refrain from addressing the issue of Venezuela. Consider it ‘Nexys core interest’ as I have previously stated I have friends there and that carries a great deal weight.

I have previously addressed the Issues of ‘Crimea and Ukraine’ I have stated my views on this. I do not feel I need to rehash it, and if Mr. Putin or the Russians wish to discuss it further well, let us just say that I do keep an eye on the news.(I still want a crimea burger darnit.. also, if you make it to Chicago.. a place called ‘Kumas’ has a world class sandwich you may wish to try it).

Finally that brings up to perhaps the most pressing topic.. North Korea

I have illustrated both on @Nexykat(on twitter) and other places that The North Koreans are not responding to our words, they are responding to our deeds. Right up to the submarine we christened when they threatened to sink a submarine.

The more prov-active our stance, in deeds the more they dial up their rhetoric. Theres going to come a time when they do not just respond with words and this planned “Minute man 3” launch maybe just the excuse they are waiting for to launch that next nuclear test everyone has been wetting themselves over. I Am NOT any branch of Christian or Catholic, religion doesn’t enter in to this other then the fact that I hold this belief that life is a precious thing so, if you want a way out of this rabbit hole. I am writing you one. Now I’m not a general, I’m not an Admiral but these people have grown up in military tradition they are prepared to fight. They thing about it, they plan for it it is what they do it is in their blood. What I am am doing is the opposite in this case. I am literally writing you a way NOT to fight. A fight that would cost millions if not BILLIONS of lives. That said, with all due respect to all involved. I NEED you to hear this, PLEASE CFB.

The way out here, is you cancel that minute man three launch. I dont care whether you weather, technical issues, or divine intervention.


Then You take that lovly American Carrier group, which has been so well advertised and reposition it away from the Koreas. Idc if you move it to Japan, Australian, Midway Island.. I Dont CARE. If they are matching us ‘move for move’ which has been the exact pattern up to this point this gives us much needed breathing room and cuts the cor4d of tension which has been irresponsibly built up.

I’ll go on solving the worlds problems tomorrow..but after this, I think I deserve a break.

Good Luck.


‘The Excellence of Execution’




[#opinion][UN-censored] Feeling brutally honest? Great, me too…

I woke up early this morning, not all together unheard of but it has had some unexpected results. One of which was an unplanned nap this afternoon which resulted in some other folks apparently feeling extra honest. Then, in light of this, I believe I will be candid while at the same time trying to walk a line of being respectful.


If I do not succeed in this, please do recall, I am indeed only human.

I said some time ago, and I literally mean years here that I believed Mr. Putin would like to have the Ukraine. This is supported by something I saw earlier:



What I did not appreciate when I had that idea, was the view the Russians(or Soviets if you prefer) perspective on history. I’ve sat back for awhile and refrained on purpose from any comment on the Ukraine situation incl. Crimea because 1) Not my place

2) The Russians make the Crimea burger look good 🙂

and 3) Probably most important attaining perspective takes time.

Now I am perfectly willing to not delve too deeply in to the topic, but what I would suggest is we take the view of Ukraine as if it were Germany before the wall fell. The Soviets/Russians would not have let the ‘allies’ march in to east Germany, and the ‘allies’ would not let the Russians/Soviets march west. While there is no ‘wall’ dividing the Ukraine in such a matter, with global affairs being what they are I would strongly advise that the status quo be maintained in this area.

What the hell gives me the right to make such a suggestion?


When I turn on my t.v. on a daily basis I have some damned fool or another talking about ‘nuclear war’. Right now the talking heads are somewhat distracted by this ‘Trumps 100 days thing’ which yay much better topic but still the fact is the world leaders have decided, apparently to dance madly on the head of a pin.

What else do I see?

As I stated last night I believe it was, I DO believe the Chinese are proverbially ‘bending over backwards’ to be helpful with the NoKo(North Korea) issue. This is appreciated, but the mindful kitty takes note of something else. The “Special Relationship” which appears to exist between China and Russia.h8EtNS

There have been other posts as well, indicating the relationship is at and I believe this is a direct quote “an all time high”. From a big picture point of view this makes sense and as long as NATO is intact, it seems that the two should counterbalance each other. All together then, no big issues as long as no one goes testing national borders.

Which brings me to the ever sticky topic of North Korea in earnest. We’re all being honest here right? Thats how discussion goes we give our points of view and then see where theres common ground.. This whole North Korea thing could be over in about a minute. The drama is pushing nerves to the limits and somewhere sometime someone is going to do or say the wrong thing and then theres a hot damn mess and people are dead. Even if Kim Jong Un used a nuclear weapon, we wouldnt have to use a nuclear reply. Lets face it, we could create a crater with conventional weapons  especially if he did a pearl harbor style unprovoked attack. No one in the world is going to say “Yes, we know he nuked you but you cant respond” Its beyond comprehension.

I find it interesting that two of his recent weapons tests have failed. Now after all the successful tests he’s had in the past of various hardware, you’re going to tell me he can’t launch a short range missile? I wont suggest what I’m thinking on this but I have theories.

I am a wiccan(tree hugger/pagan/witch/whatever) but recently I found myself agreeing with this guy:



Okay, this is SERIOUSLY like the bottom line. I dont give a .. darn… whether you do arbitrated talked between the US and NK with a Swiss arbiter or if you do some modified 6 party talks thing as Mr. Putin suggested but this middle of the pacific pissing contest needs to end.

I had panic attacks for years, they are no where near what they used to be and the ONLY theory I have left is our creator no matter how you choose to view that being put me through those days that I would have the nerves and strength of will for the days which seem to be upon me. That I could think and react clearly with thought and be a voice of sanity when so many others were quick to try to unleash to dogs of war. Let me tell you, first one to reach for the dog leash instead of the muzzle is going to get their proverbial hand slapped. Now I’m over it, play nice and stop making me be the …darned adult in the room..


Which brings me to Mr. Snowden. I have previously tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s been a rather popular figure.. but..that doubt has now been brought to a reality:bswLlC

So.. ‘Comrade Snowden’ are you pleased w/ yourself?

I have purposely refrained from comment on Syria, even though Mr. Assad has seen fit to involve discussion of #Venezuela where I have friends I will continue to refrain from any comment out of respect for “Casper”.

Also, I am pleased to see this:


IF it is true… 6 years is a long time for a war.. and its my feeling those people deserve some peace.

More later… don’t disappoint me folks, I still hold out hope for humanity.


re: pending updates

I dont know if I’ll get any more real updates put out today, thought I’d leave a note. I can rename and publish one in this space later or tomm. now that the hotspot issue is resolved. Have a good afternoon / weekend. I do want to write a bit because seeing one of the posts about how Russia views some of their leaders in a historical context has given me a bit of perspective I lacked to some degree but its not an update I can’t put on hold for awhile. If something urgent comes up, I’ll speak my mind(caz, lets face it, its what I do 🙂 )



Clarification: Re: #Natsec

I have a number of updates to do. I had planned to not get this achieved until Monday however because of current events I felt it necessary to take ‘unusual steps’ to expedite the updates here.

Last week(I dont have an exact day) I made a phone call. Now before I go in to depth about what that phone call entails let me provide a bit of a history lesson. Some time ago, I encountered a person who very much appeared through materials on his twitter time line to have an affiliation with the ‘bad guys’.

This person attempted to use logic to convert me to his ways of thinking. He failed, because I am secure in my own spiritual beliefs and frankly, I found his logic flawed.

I can say it was like staring evil down through a monitor, and the take away on this is evil blinks.

Now, as to the phone call I made last week, I am aware of a ‘cyber caliphate’ member called ‘Dr. Isis’ in a bit of a pinch, I drew the conclusion this might be someone who is creating rather popular videos which seem to make use of voice synthesizers. Whether or not that hastily drawn conclusion was accurate, I errored on the side of caution and made a phone call with one simple thought in mind “My country may be in danger”.


Now whether or not that is or was actually the case, that was the underlying factor which sparked the phone call. Needless to say I believe it was ‘blown off’ as no one ever bothered to return the call and or drop by to see what materials I had for them.

“Dont say, I didn’t warn you” as the song lyrics go.


Yes, Rachel.. I have something to declare (Opinion)

We stand on the edge of an abyss, The world on all sides ready for war. This however, would be a choice. We can not undo the words of yesterday, as some have said the past it prologue. In the West, fleets are gathered, with eyes on North Korea, in the East, the Russians worry of a secret strike against them, undoubtedly feeling backed in to a corner. As I have previously stated, while I can speak for no one else. I do not seek to harm the bear.

I am assuming from the stories I see


that alert levels on both sides have been raised. Now I am just one person sitting out in the middle of no where with no authority over the military, BUT I do recall a phrase let me see if I remember it correctly “civilian oversight” I believe it was.



Last night I caught just a few moments of Rachel Maddows show on MSNBC, the image stuck in my mind is the American and Russian flags and a question asking, “Anything to declare?”

Yes, Rachel, at this point, I have something to declare..

I am fairly sure, that being of sound mind and steady nerves, this series of events unsettled event the sturdiest among us. What we have now, is an opportunity to see where our world has been headed. I do not sit in the circles of power, In Moscow, In China or DC, I sit as one of the countless who would suffer if we do not see where this path would have lead and turn from it. Not because it is easy, but because it is just and right and good we should do so.

Mr. Lavrov had a seemingly good take on recent events as it came through the Spanish version of RT last night. I’m paraphrasing “The US and Soviet Union in the cold war did not find themselves in the situation we do now. ”

Borders have changed and the current situation is even more inherently dangerous. From my understanding in the old days there were lines neither side crossed. Let us quickly then find a ground where those lines exist again for all of our sakes.

I am confident, that President Trump will ‘not seek the path of madness here’ no matter how the most recent events may appear to the world.

Further, it is my belief that a steady and reassuring hand and counsel is to be found in the man he has picked for his Vice President. They seem determined, and resolute to bring back American jobs, and bolster the trade with old friends and make new ones.

While it is beyond me at this time to know all of the factors involved I can say that between check and balances and those occupying the ‘halls of power’ in Washington

America stands ready to stay the course in international affairs and yet give some much needed attention to events at home.

More as events warrant.



My thoughts on NK..and the ‘irresponsible dialog’ [Opinion]

I noticed this bit when it came through my feed a week+ ago, I didn’t know exactly what to make of it at the time, but now in light of recent events it makes more sense.

link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4414968/Kim-s-plan-kidnap-Western-tourists-South-Korea.html

I’ve also written a rough draft of my own personal assessment of NK and what ‘may be’ the case. Granted all of this is just my opinion but I’m going to leave it up here for consideration.

Let me “Change your math a little on NK”
Everyone Ive heard has been working under the premise that NK could not strike the lower 48 with a nuclear assault.
I made no such assumtion, instead, I worked under the premise they could and just chose not to advertise it. They have displayed their troops marching
w/ ‘nuclear packs’ so they do not have to drop a bomb to attack something. A little of that material goes a long way.
What I’m thinking here, is we talk to them. Even if they launch a strike on America, we wouldn’t have to reply with nuclear means conventional weapons in such a scenario would have the same result only a lot more lives would be lost.
We had one Korean war, it is not forgotten. We do not need a second.
Instead, I would propse we redraw the line creates\d by the weall at the 38th parallel.
Demilitarize it to some degree to promote trade between the two parts of the penensula(sp)
We do not just “tear down the wall” we start by pouring new concrete and create some sort of interlocking gate system
for security checks.

When one constantly finds a tense situation, such as we have seen for years at the 38th, the feeling of weapons pointed at one becomes a constant source of tension. My thought is perhaps if we ratchet down said tension we

a) create jobs for both sides of the walls(as there would be some new ones)

and b) give the diplomats and politicians time to find a long-term solution to the issue.

I am aware of two additional US ships entering the region as of yesterday as per news.. I then took note of three ‘goodwill’ ships reportedly leaving China.. I dont recall what ‘mission’ they were going on, however let me tell you what I see, I see a continuing buildup on both sides, if news reports are any reflection in a region where tensions are already strained to say the least.

All sides have an interest here, but if anything goes wrong it will be humanity who pays the price. I do have a way for NK to ‘save face’ so to speak.

If they were to abandon their testing out of ‘environmental concerns’ the reasoning would be valid. In exchange, to agreeing to not hold any more in the atmosphere Nuclear tests, perhaps the international community would be willing to extend them things such as humanitarian aid.

I stress that point because no matter how  we handle Nk, with sanctions and so forth, it would be improper to let the people under the current system there to go hungry so why not yes apply pressure with sanctions, but at the same time show compassion for those caught between a rock and a hard place in the conflict.


Update: 4/28/2017

From what I can see some are still very much missing the point. The press apparently has a sound bite from last night which they have decided to play ad nauseam where POTUS said something about the possibility of conflict with NK. This is irresponsible given the delicate nature of the situation *cough CNN cough*

What do I see? Well, Lets get started on that bit, shall we?

Everyone needs to drop the calling ‘Kim Jong Un ‘crazy’ its counterproductive.(this is again, my opinion) heres why. Everyone is SO very worried about an attack with an ICBM they may not recall the footage I do, where a great many of the North Korean soldiers were marching with packs with Nuclear symbols on them. To deliver a attack with those materials they dont NEED a missile. Various movies which I wont name have outlined how those materials could cause mass casualties not to mention a terrible scare,

This leads me to the conclusion if Kim Jong Un wanted to launch a WMD style attack he could have already done so and yet, he hasn’t because the consequences would undoubtedly be “not in his, or his countries best interest” to say the least.

I’m going to touch on the good and the bad here. I think the launching of the unarmed ICBM was a mistake. I think while yes, it did send a very clear message it added to the stack of logs that is a diplomatic fire waiting to happen.

There is hope here however, because (President)Mr. Trump played things very smart last night. I watched it, and he’s given himself two roads here which do NOT involve military action. Let me outline..


This was a thinking mans move, he can take that call later or he can call them if there is something important BUT and thats a big BUT.. This is him quietly reaffirming Chinas ‘One China policy’.



We(the US) has an Admiral saying and I’m paraphrasing a bit but “Pearl Harbor is vulnerable”. Now if I were a thinker(which I do enjoy) I would say this covers multiple bases. Russia and China are not real fond of THAAD in their back yard. It is my understanding that many South Koreans simply do not want it there either. The logical step here seems to be redeploying some of the forces around SOKO in a defensive formation around pearl. This reduces tension in the region. We can negotiate with South Korea on whether or not THAAD remains and  If we do not wish to pull those forces back as far as Pearl, we could redeploy them closer to Japan. The point being we dont NEED to have all those ships on the doorstep of Korea with the current tensions in the region.

[updating other bits, more to come today]