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Oh bugger it Fine ill delve in to topics I didnt want to

Lets just say I have been known to catch an episode or two of ‘The Americans’ on FX.. I find it an interesting look back yet one has to ponder what exactly the modern overtones are. I am NOT wading into the Trump / Russia / Comey matter its just a big mess and I frankly dont have then mental energy to expend on it or havent in the past few days / couple weeks. There are plenty with their minds on such things.

I dont really want to delve in to spirituality, I am firmly in the camp ‘to each their own’ when it comes to beliefs, I try to respect others and ask only the same.

I am somewhat troubled by some of the ‘chatter’ bandied about however in light of recent events I am willing to let bygones remain as such if others are as well.

As I have touched on the topic of Russia and I have previously stated I believe Mr. Putin is a Patriot when it comes to his country, it may not surprise some that at times I tend to think of myself in the same way to my own(okay regularly.. but ya know everything in its place eh?). When the press looks back on 2016 they question the outcome of our elections yet its been stated repeatedly no actual vote counts were changed. There is a difference between force and influence. We all have some degree of influence on those around us, and being all 21st century and interconnected and such well one sees how those things complicate.

I have a suggestion, moving forward for the ‘journalists’ its your choice whether or not you wish to take the advice it is only that. If you are an American journalist and you want to write about ‘the bear’ perhaps thing of yourself as sitting across a very large ping pong table or chess board from said bear. The bear does not change just because it sits at a chess board, it is still a bear.

As the proverbial eagle in this tale.. perhaps one should ponder when it is time to study the board from another perspective and do not forget, you have those wings for a reason, sometimes the best choice may be to simply fly away sometimes.. not. It is the judgement of those with the patience for dialog and to see how the game takes shape who in a much longer view may fare better at the end of a long day. This is not the table for ‘speed chess’.



Infrastructure week? well… ok..

While Washington has been mired in politics, a great many of the rest of us, myself included have been out on the countries roads. We hear the words ‘Trillion dollar infrastructure plan’ bandied about as if this were some casual amount of money. Now perhaps when one compares that to something like the nation debts(its at what 19 trillion now?), it takes on a bit of a different perspective. However, what Washington basically wants to do here is “spend the twenty”. Lets say for a moment we the people accept that, and over 10 years we get improved roads and bridges, etc. This is a proverbial ‘drop in the bucket’ but a wise man once said, “even the longest journey begins with a single step”.

The debt is going to continue to climb(if history is any teacher) so knowing that, I would suggest then that we do do go ahead and “spend the twenty” as it were but in doing so let us not only look back to the things which built us up, road, bridges, the power grid but let us make sure we include what will undoubtedly be the new layer. Bring more broadband to the rural areas. This is not going to be pretty its not going to be neat, its not going to be overnight but what it does is it lays groundwork. It lays groundwork for a future built on commerce in a connected world.

I think back to when the internet was in its infancy, started as sending data between gov orgs and academia etc(who were the only ones who could really afford the new technology at the time I suppose) and then compare that to now. We are so proud we have this big beautiful interconnected world.. well if we are to truly have that then that means those things which once took weeks or months to reach the people who need those things should be available one day to rich and poor alike without hours of travel.

I watched a bit of kids tv last night, the topic was the dark ages.. perhaps the way not only to avoid a new dark age, but the way to a new lighter age will be found when we are not so devoted in using so many of our resources to logistics(getting things where they need to go) and more can be devoted to culture things which endure through the ages.. the Pyramids come to mind as do other ‘wonders of the word’ What will we do with so many jobs lost to ‘AI’ and ‘deep learning’ well.. the simple answer is we find new ones such as I have mentioned above..

I do not have all the answers, and perhaps I never will, but as was once suggested..

“I have, a pretty good idea…”

topics I stay away from..

I have stayed away from a number of topics of late. Last week I mailed 5 people in Washington DC, I will not go in to the reasons for doing this, nor will I disclose the contents of those messages here. I will say only, my actions in this are designed to protect the Republic, nothing more and nothing less. Let me say though that in 40 years, I have not done this before. That alone should imply the serious gravity of the situation we now find ourselves in.

Last week, I wrote this:


I had made serious attempt to quietly support the idea of the Chinese and their “Belt and road” ininitiative with tweets and retweets. As I believe an increase in trade is generally good for the global economy. I also made every reasonable effort to not politicize this as 1) that would be counter productive and I believe the Chinese dropped a not so casual hint to avoid such a thing. Here in though is my problem: For me to continue to do this, while DPRK continues their missile test, and aggressive behavior seems to me the equivalent of doing so with a gun pointed at my head. Which is something I simply will not do. The Chinese have championed dialog and reason in these matters and thus I write today hoping they might catch glimpse of my thought and persuade DPRK to step back from their aggressive actions. I have no standing to make this request. I am no diplomat, I am no political leader. Yet, when we have those on both sides taking the position “we are not talking to each other” It would seem past due that someone would stand up, look at both sides and say there is only one sane path forward.

If I am to be the proverbial one eyed chica in the kingdom of the blind, then so be it. For the alternative is to continue on the path the world finds itself on and one day sooner or later someone will over play their hand and then there will be bloodshed. At that point, all bets are off and there is no promise anywhere where such a mess will lead or when it will end.

For my part, I am willing to continue to try to cast Chinas’ culture and natural beauty in a favorable light, as I try to do with places like Greece and Spain however, as this is a trade of sorts(as I’m a practicing witch I do know a bit about barter) they recipical part of that is my request that NK stand down its aggressive behavior. I have no control over what the US gov or Military does, but there is a profit to be had in being seen to be peace makers, and pursuing exploration instead of war.

I will touch briefly now, on Manchester as I have not yet in blog form in any kind of depth. I have a deep and abiding love for music. I was beyond horrified by the cowardly attack on young people at the Manchester bombing. As one who has long used the tools provided by others in the form of a global botnet to pursue the shutdown of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL accounts (and just hoping someone traces through the links put forward through that system as twitter does an inadequate job) I can only say that my hopes for a quick shut down of their ‘cyber caliphate’ is only further hastened and that the days when the world is horrified by events like these may pass quickly and we may know peace.

I wrote a note yesterday(perhaps the day before) to Mr. Obama. While I had not intended to publish it, it explains well my position on maybe of the current events involving Mr. Trump those, out of transparency, I will post it here if he chooses to reply, that reply will be confidential as I will not disclose our personal communications from his end without his permission out of respect for the man, and the office he held.

Mr. Obama,

I don’t recall the last message I sent you, other then a brief nudge over twitter. Let me start by wishing you and your family, a happy memorial day weekend.
While you were in office, I attempted to write from time to time to offer my views on things. While I might not have always had the words, I thought a perspective
from between the two coasts might be of value. I have attempted to offer mr. Trump the same thing, in the spirit of quietly trying to be a friend to the office, however
I find myself in a bit of a quagmire. The ‘right thing’ as it were, obscured by the media on both sides of the isle. Do I defend the man who holds the office when doubt
lingers in my mind with all the stories floating about, believing I have seen more then most, or do choose the easier path and just stick with the mantra ‘country before party’?
I find myself erroring towards Mr. Pence when I find myself in doubt of some of the stories around the President, but as I have not met either man it is hard to judge if even this
is the right course. In the past week, Ive sent no less then 5 messages to Washington, Senators and the speaker, and even the President and Vice President trying to act
as some kind of anchor to reality to those who may easily be lost in what has been dubbed “the swamp”. I welcome any thoughts you may have, today I mailed one of the Senators from here, hopefully that will spark some kind of turning of the gears in DC so we can see our way clear of this fog and in to brighter days for us all.
I have my own thoughts on a great many things,
I await the replys I mentioned above with sealed lips, watching over the multitudes as best I can from a quiet corner between the coasts, and as a side note. I am aware Mr. Hannity has had some issues. I will say only this. There are facts not in evidence. Do not leap so very quickly to fault a man when things have remained in shadow to protect many and know that one day, more facts may come to light which MAY(no promises) leave him vindicated in some of the things he has said. (I also say this without having caught all his comments, but I do believe.. the story is not yet fully written).
To “The Bear”:
I hear White Tiger Vodka is good…
What I wouldn’t give for a shot of it about now, with a bit of orange juice thrown in.
Artemis, her bow at feet, quiver cast over shoulder.
Horus, of wisdom tome opened his voice raised.
Mars, in shadow, with watchful eyes.
Athena, her sword drawn, her shield raised at rest on near by hill.
Shade of elder tree granting her needed shade from sun high over head.
A road, of bricks,  leading path in to old lands. Across a great continent
often left unthought of leading to desert where old idols and pyramids tower above
shifting sands.
Bricks craved, by hands long turned to bone
but these brights, their light, not found orange…
their light yellow, as the golden sun…
a road that leads past old temples, long forgotten by those unknowning of the old gods…
to be continued…

all the things..first / rough draft

There is so very much I need to cover, so please bare with me, and forgive the long time since my last proper post and recall it usually takes 20+ drafts for me to get one of these done and get it up. In regards to the Araina attack so far, I have this… but this is very much a first draft…

The attack on the concert, is an attack on my very soul, I am deeply attached to my music with no words to properly express the dismay. I have no words that adequately describe the sheer horror I feel over this. I will not recover, there will be an unending hole that will not soon be forgotten. To the victims, their families, I am so very sorry that some cowards choose to act like this.This is the Boko Haram thing for me, all over again, but far more personal in that I abhor the loss of life and the violence. Someone had the nerve to suggest some didnt care ‘bless your heart’ heh.(what, I realized I was too erm, straight forward. but this is as someone else said “an attack on innocence”), read between the lines. I do nothing BUT care.

Secondly, a few nights ago, I tweeted to @FBI Washington Field AND secret service(yet only told the FBI to cancel it……) about DT. This was spawned by an article I saw that said “Exclusive” and was talking about the #18 Russia, and DT(I think I retweeted it, but I cant search retweets like I can things I post myself(, but if someone else can search through the @Nexykat account retweets for the past 5-6 days its probably honestly there somewhere. I had an incident this morning where I misplaced a debit card, I called the local police and had them send out an officer who gave me his badge number and phone number and a phone # for the @FBI. I put that in an envelope which I mailed to the white house this AM.(meaning it went out with todays mail and will probably arrive tomm.(maybe Wed.) It has my address label, and DT’s name on it.  Idk what procedures are up there, but its on its way and has all the color coding stuff on it. I spoke of VP Pence in Orange and DT in Red. I’m trusting that one or both can sort all this. I read where the OGE seems to have been empowered. Well, HAPPY DAY for that(this does not detract from the above, again, Ariana is an Artist I enjoy and my music is for lack of a better phrase a “part of me”..

Again we just come to ‘Im lost and confused on the subject, but I do know what I have seen yet spiritually, my craft tells me to ‘harm none’ so there in lays my dilemma, that and I do not know the man. Its very hard to judge if he really would  have done this from what the press is putting out..


In regards to China, and NK. I have gained a entirely different perspective on both and as my commitment to world peace has been fulfilled and my hopes NK would see some kind of sanity greatly reduced I cannot in good conscience continue to support their belt and road idea(with RT’s until such time as NK’s leader sees the ‘light of day’.

He behaves as if this were the days of ‘pirates on the high seas’ when lobbing a cannon ball over an enemy ships hall was a not too terribly uncommon thing, when in todays world it is completely unacceptable and not the behavior of those seeking to be peers with other countries or have any kind of meaningful dialog.

My understanding of ‘the bear’ has also changed. I underestimate someone once, it does not happen a second time.

#OverItAll(I really just want out of all of it hence why I keep doing the RT’s of the state dept.)


If you need me I’ll be ‘stayin in Paris’.

To the people of the UK, know I stand ‘should to shoulder with the rest of our country, in condemning this horrid attack in ‘the strongest possible terms’.


The “yellow brick road, relates to Adeles video “we could have had it all(I envision that big pictograph on the ceiling in that video) as Ive previously pointed out, and archaeology. There was a post on my overit page that had an article explaining how parts of africa were reflecting more sunlight, thus they had it colored yellow. Before that the post I was hunting for (and have yet to find( was where a very large pictograph had been uncovered in egypts sands. so basically you have a big yellow arrow pointing at some find in Egypt, but I have to find the specific post and I dont know whether its on my personal page, or meh overit page and thats the missing piece of the puzzle as you can look at where that big piece was found.

Oh and the ‘alien megastructure’ ‘dimmed’ its lights according to bits and pieces floating about…

P.S. (Goddess bless you, sweet OGE)

What is she not saying?

Plenty. Though I believe I have a ‘short summary’ momentarily.

There is a passage in what some might refer to as “the good book” that tells “when they say ….. and such <purposely omitted> destruction shall come upon them.” Well, taking from that lesson, I’m really not saying that.

I have made every effort to be clear in my language and believe that my whenever wherever playback to my friends in Venezuela was a bit misconstrued.

This was, not a hope that they would choose this path but instead an ‘offered opportunity’ for them to find another. Today I have seen suggestion, of extraordinary events however I do not feel that I can delve in to them in depth at this time.

Perhaps in a day or two, the situation shall change and I shall have more to offer in the school of thought.


Ah.. well then perspective time eh?

I tell you one of the things I recall growing up, briefly. One of the things my dad took an interest in and some the extended family as well here in the states. (I did just complete a bit of an adventure seeing if the old ones still had a place here however while they may be strewn about they are not immediately available will continue to search I suppose) and we see in the news these images played again and again of North Koreas rocket launches. Now I wonder in a bit of perspective and introspection if while the world takes a dim view of these things because they have been so historically been weaponized(with disastrous results) if it is that it is what we are seeing here OR what if its an expression of the interest in science? Well…that might be a game changer eh?

Bigger picture you have a ‘state’ on the bigger stage which has existed more or less in isolation for years. While the world went on and progressed in some areas this state no doubt progressed in others. Now I would suppose, if they were to come a table saying this is what we have to offer this is where we believe we excel over what we have seen of your work and we want to proceed down a path of science and exploration that then would be a different story then the one we currently see unfold.

Those decisions, are not mine to make of course. I am simply reflective and will undoubtedly continue to be such.

In the course of the days events, personal matters aside as I had to pay a call on an old (and rather painful memory) I have been informed(its publicly available info, really..) that NK wanted to tell the world they had made advancements. This was not beyond what I had thought. I find interesting that they did not choose to set off a nuclear test(as they have in the past) but chose the less destructive route… in this at least I can say there is some small progress.  Should they continue to choose their actions in this fashion.. ..perhaps there is cause for hope.



so and so warning of ww3 and other things im pondering

Ahhhh some violin music..

still believe it helps me think 😀

You know someone on tv the other day described mortality as a bird, that if we were to think of it as such and we asked it every day what would become of us, we must know what that answer would one day be. Having heard that, and choosing to believe the better of people, rather then the worst. I believe I am prepared to offer a few thoughts.

I am afraid I lost the headline where China made a general statement (Im working from memory recall here) that ‘All were welcome’ at the Belt and road forum. I understand that the US protested a bit and being ‘aware of the news’ I still note this(upcoming snip), as ‘modest forward progress’.

Thats a far cry from ‘we are not speaking to one another’


Let us not, rush forward (in my opinion again.. ) but instead work toward a real and reasonable lasting dialog. I understand this shall take time, thus my comments will be brief. However, I do not choose to listen to the negativity of a certain here in unnamed but yet acknowledged ‘collective’. Instead I choose to believe that humanity will not opt for self destruction. We go that route and the next war is fought with sticks and stones.. show of hands for that option? no one? Okay great.

Let me illustrate where we are with a clip from an old favorite of mine:

I dont wanna spend my life living this Star Trek clip, nor do I want anyone else to laff.. so let us hope for better days eh?

Some time ago(an hour? two?) I saw one of the bits come through social media ‘tommorrows headlines today’ or some such from the UK. I will, try to tread lightly here as I touch upon a subject, with deep respect having given a fair deal of thought to history today.

Let me tell you, if I may, one of the reasons I can hold such a hope for humanity. The word, legacy is bandied about somewhat lightly at times. There are those who rule over others, there are those who seek to be any number of things and history has its place for all of them. A legacy too, it seems at least in one foreigners heart have found an enduring place in acts of compassion that were such a light to the world years later. I speak, of the Lady Diana.

I had of course the view from a distance, but I have watched quietly as her family has grown up and I see too such a reflection of that trait in their acts that I can believe she would be proud.

I simply do not usually speak of this topic, as I still have the (Sir) Elton John tribute fresh in mind as if it were recent. It is also, not my place but in hours when the world hope in the world grows dim, I ask you what better time to hold up a light amongst us in human nature for thought and reflection?

I have watched the images flow through ‘social media’ I have listened to perceptions in drama and theater but I did something some time ago with the hope to encourage others that I do not believe I have offered a sufficient explanation for perhaps I do not have the words yet to do so but as one of my profiles says if I encourage a balance in tech. If our world ends up being a little safer or a bit more fair with the ‘Americas Digital Princess’ idea then as a wiccan might say “so mote it be”.

I do not suppose that it is money, or fame or power that truly shape any of as as who we are but instead the character of those we cherish. Perhaps, it is because I am not used to such things? What would I do with them though? Honestly? Are the people sitting in lavish palaces truly more content isolated then among the people? I do not imagine it would be such. For my part, I am sure there is the ‘new oil’ of data to be had.. but you can have that as well. For me, I shall have my music and reflections and share my thoughts where I can in hope that others may find them of some quiet use.

(this has been on for a bit.. (24-25min before I just rest it) as i said… I do enjoy the music 🙂 )

Ahhh… well.. moving on(This is what day two or three Ive been editing this  makes an excellent argument for twitter adding an ‘edit’ button instead of just delete rm1RUx )

I am glad, there are those in the world who will look past the proverbial Hawks. Those who do not take dark tidings and blindly do their bidding. I am glad that restraint and dialog have become the watchwords instead of fear.

When I was younger, I applied to serve my country, for reasons we wont cover (GED cutoff being the main in my mind) it was not accepted. Since then they jailed me once, for a couple days with a bond I could not afford to pay. When I had in my mind commited no crime. (I was literally just out for a walk yes, I may have been speaking a language they didnt know at times but that in itself ‘does no harm’) Threating to lock me away with those who would do me harm. They ‘literally’ put me, unjustly(in my opinion) “in harms way”. (They really did almost violate the 8th amd Imho)I was prepared to use what ever means necessary to defend myself. Fortunately others intervened out of compassion.

I do not hold malice against ‘my lady’ I dwell amongst her people of every type, and nation in peace and take them as they come the good the bad and the other. I was left wondering though, after my last arrest if my country would not one day have something to ask of me.

I love her, how could I refuse? Simply, I probably would not and while no such request has come today I consider a debt paid to some degree but… where I signed on a dotted line I made a commitment one others have made over many years while it was not accepted I did not consider that debt paid..(I may never see it as such as so many have given so much more…)

Today over in the twitterverse I caught this bit


I quietly, for my part and (at least attemptedly) respectfully agreed, and I submit I too have tried to do as much though I had no guide to do so, just a desire to see peace break out instead of war. My reply thus came quickly:


It is however, my belief, that ‘peace’ will never be a static thing. It faces challenges moving forward. I have read a bit more then most state side I suppose about Chinas ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. (They could have labeled it grizzly and panda, but chose to be more inclusive) This seems a solid foundation on which to proceed. I could be mistaken but the reasoning behind it is quite simple ‘trade’ now I may not know a great deal about a great many things but one thing those of us who can recall simpler times or look back on them fondly is another ‘barter’. *grins* Let us hope in such that all the dealing in that spirit are thusly fair.

I call now on my countrymen, to answer the needs which are set before us. While we do not turn a blind eye to international affairs, I am aware that things like ‘healthcare’ take precedent for a great many(most likely myself included).

I saw something disturbing last night so I need to address that… one of the stations said a historian had said the “US was looking like a banana republic”. Here is why I disagree: The other party has not been silenced. They are ‘out of power’ proverbially but party dynamics change over time some parties grow other shrink. In the words of Mr. Obama though “Democracy functions best when it has two healthy parties”. We are used to that being the “Democrats and Republicans” if it continues to be so, then ‘so mote it be’ if it does not, it does not mean the end of the values we hold dear.

In my actions, I have tried(and probably not been perfectly successful to put forward both sides. I retweeted some of Mr. Trumps material from his speech yesterdayI also retweeted Bernie Sanders last night. This morning, again, both sides of the coin:


I have no desire to play ‘party politics’ it would be far too easy. Instead I would as that the Senate really put their heads together as AMERICANS and work to resolve the pressing issues before them, as I understand it the bill on healthcare that passed the house “needs some work”I challenge them to come together draw up their own and then reconcile the two. I saw Sen. Donnellys call, and I do not ignore it. However I wonder, this and honest question time how can someone who is wealthy or was wealthy not have had money coming in from all over the place? We speak of a large corporation to assume they just ‘did not do business’ in some countries defies common sense so I wonder in such are we indeed on a witch hunt? (I do get to ask that being wiccan and all… seems legit). Not much sport in it if we are I’d say. If there are criminal matters let them be attended to by an independent prosecutor so the country can move on to other things.

Do not mire us, in ‘party politics’. Do not ignore each others voices as for there to be true progress we can not simple label each other ‘obstructionists’. To do so, would be to fall in to a dangerous place.

If those in the minority, have an opinion, let them voice it, give it fair hearing always try, I think to be that “fair jurist” in such we move forward. Instead of falling in to the sands of time as so many others have in ignoring what was good, and right.

Thats all for now.


I believe, I have errored.. thus let me make a bit of a correction.

As it is unfair to compare Mr. Trump to former President Nixon. It was probably unfair of me to draw the parallel between Mr. Comey and Elliot Ness of ‘The Untouchables’.

I was, as I frequently do, trying to illustrate a point with an already established plot line which was fairly well known.

In doing so, it undoubtedly divided people along the lines of a ‘Comey Camp’ and ‘Trump Camp’

This was not my intention or design. Instead I wanted to convey a sense of respect I generally felt for Mr. Comey not even knowing the man.

All the more I shall say of it is, I do not believe things are ever truly that simple.

If they are well, I have no desire to go in to the dichotomy of good and evil.


I beg to differ! and… ‘stuff’


Is DOES count, when you understand that the screen is part of a phone that has a built in camera and microphone. *grins*

I have observed the ransomworm phenomenon with a degree of interest. I have my opinions on its origins. Without actually looking at the disassembled code and other examples of that persons work though it becomes a matter of speculation which I dont care to engage in at this time. Then there is this tidbit:


Once again, I will refrain from speculation but I do understand the implications..

I suppose the solution does begin with addressing the oldest OS’s first..

We have this the last I could do last night, as I caught earlier indications people were trying to work around the built in kill ‘mechanism’


to use a Star Trek analogy, I’m treating it a bit like the Borg.. until patches are better distributed..


This if I had to suppose, is the original work vs. modders…

I have just three other ‘notes of interest’ at the moment..

I wont elaborate as I dont think it would be productive but I will leave them here.


I do not place blame at x0rz feet.. 1 it is not my place to assign such and secondly there is a bit more intrigue here..

How a security researcher miraculously and accidentally killed the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware

also listed in ‘guardian tech’ as an ‘accidental hero’

I suggest that it is 1) possibly true. Heroes can be found in unlikely places or two, perhaps there is a bit more beneath the surface.

I will close on that thought.

Updates when appropriate.







The “Wise”(to quote my own tweet) decision to give an interview to MSNBC..

I posted this last evening

I chose that bit, with some degree of care. Now I choose to elaborate, if just a little because some things including an interview will be analyzed to the point of frivolity.

There are a great many who wish to play games of right vs. left or “party politics”. Having in the past been lavish with his praise of another network to give an interview to NBC somewhat leashed those who might have said he was “playing favorites” with the media.

It is  indeed by my judgement at least somewhat more difficult now for someone to make such a case. If he has time, perhaps Mr. Trump should consider tossing another interview to a third and maybe even 4th network. In this though, it is my opinion he should weigh his options because all these words carry weight and as its ‘taped media’ it can be used in the future, both for or against him.

I am a personal believer in a good degree of transparency, but also understand that all of us, deserve some degree of privacy. While that may not be so possible for those in public life we should still probably be mindful of a request the President and his family requested which was to ‘let the kids be kids’. In this, at least I want to take a moment to praise the press because from what I have observed they seem to be respecting this.


I come to this bit, rethinking this mornings events.. it touches upon a bit of transparency, which I was just writing about and this is what I seem to have come to as a conclusion


I have but one further thought, I hope for all our sakes The President does not fulfill his thought of canceling the daily press conferences. While there maybe mistakes, while there maybe miscommunication the fact that they are trying to provide information to the people says something. Obviously the accuracy of that information is quite important. Perhaps in an effort to restore and preserve the integrity of the event POTUS himself will do one of those press conferences without notifying the press? Its something to think on at any rate…

As for this little ‘digital kitten’

I will not promise this my ‘final note’ of the day… but it does seem time to draw it to a close.