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What if…

I’m just spitballing here, and I don’t have the hard facts to back it up. Though I suppose if I were to reach out to some of my old #Anonymous contacts they could find out which way was up without too much trouble but for this purpose, I’m going to engage ina bit of what we will call ‘educated speculation’.

I look back in to April of this year, and a few events since and I catch stories like these:

North Korea Surprises With Display of New Missiles at Annual Military Parade


We’d be fools to believe they haven’t continued on working on these things, and they aren’t exactly forthcoming on their advances in this area. Why do I get to write this bit? I’m the lady in case you’ve missed it among a feew other voices who make up the not so proverbial adults in the room calling for ‘restraint, de-escalation, and dialog’.

We then skip forward to closer to nowish..



I’d suggest, and this is just one cyber kittehs hunch, that they already have such a capability and just aren’t putting their cards on the table. The thing is, lets assume for a minute I’m correct in this, they have that ability and they are stalling for something. Then I have a ten million dollar question, why the holdoff in diplomacy?

“Theres an Ace not accounted for in this deck of cards, I hold only one up my sleeve, where sit the other three?”

If I were to sit down for a moment, with the President of the United States and offer him an honest no b.s. assessment I believe I’d look the gentleman an the eyes and tell him something along the lines of “Mr. President, I think we have a way out here your advisers just dont want to point out is an option for you to take.”

I don’t immediately find this post, but yesterday I reviewed a batch of photographs which had been taken shall we say ‘off the guided path’ showing the people there in need of basic things like humanitarian aid. Further, I am aware we (The U,S, and S. Korea have planned military maneuvers for training purposes. I tell you in all seriousness, as someone not sitting in Washington as someone who gets a broad overview from both sides of the pond, if we move these drills or postpone them, and we sincerly offer humanitarian aid I believe we can get Mr. Kim Jong Un. to the bargaining table.

People, are people, American, Chinese, Japanese, English what have you and at the end of the day people care about a few basic things themselves and their families, maybe a few treasured family possessions but at the core of us all is a enduring will to survive and be free. Should the powers that be elsewhere fail to realize that they need to maintain these basic things as in some cases they have apparently failed to do, no action on any outside parties part maybe necessary.

The only problem in that scenario then becomes what is to be done with the destructive materials which have already been created.

Moving along, I’ve said before I’d rather see the DPRK move to exploring space then finding new(or rather old ways which are new to them to blow people up) so apparently everything I write doesnt fall on deaf ears:

Next headline: / tidbit

“North Korea’s cyber-army should worry us all”

While I have personally written a letter to the ‘collective’ (Read #Anonymous) and also NWH (Did they get that memo? etc) urging them to exercise restraint and let the diplomats do their job there are those ‘on the sideline’ who wait should some make the unwise decision not to seek peaceful resolution to issues of the day. I will say no more, and hope that calm and constructive discussion will be that path forward so we need discuss it no further.


Finally, in closing I flash back to the remarks of a former U.S. President

Remarks at the Dorasan Train Station in Dorasan, South Korea
February 20, 2002


“We gather today surrounded by reminders of the challenges to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. President Kim has just shown me a road he built, a road for peace. And he’s shown me where that road abruptly ends, right here at the DMZ. That road has the potential to bring the peoples on both sides of this divided land together, and for the good of all the Korean people, the North should finish it.

Traveling south on that road, the people of the North would see not a threat but a miracle of peaceful development, Asia’s third largest economy that has risen from the ruins of war. The people of the North would see more than physical wealth; they would see the creativity and spiritual freedom represented here today. They would see a great and hopeful alternative to stagnation and starvation. And they would find friends and partners in the rebuilding of their country.

South Korea is more than a successful nation; it is an example to the world. When nations embrace freedom, they find economic and social progress. When nations accept the rules of the modern world, they find the benefits of the modern world. And when nations treat men and women with dignity, they find true greatness.”

I do not believe the door closed to a day when prosperity and peace can find a home there and be a beacon unto the world for what humanity can do when it decides to sit aside the horror and cruelty of the past. Thus, for as long as The creator(if you believe if such a being) will fill my lungs with breath, I shall continue to advocate we stay our hand from the path of madness and seek to live in harmony, build a better world to spite the challenges we may find there in in doing so we secure the blessings of our world for the generations yet to come.


Have a good evening.




draft 32

Let me start this story at the beginning, call it what you will a sense of duty, a debt of honor, what have you. When I was 27-28 I went on Social Security / Disability for back problems, PTSD, and a few other reasons we won’t go in to here and now as they are not relevant.

The point being, for the past 12+ years my government (US.Gov) has given me a modest means to at least survive not by any means making it easy but a basic income which has allowed me to have my needs met if not the things I want. Thus, I take the time to put together whatever I can in the means of sound and reasonable advice to those who would listen lets call it ‘repayment of a debt of honor’. While many sit in D.C., the “halls of power” if you will, I sit in the middle of what many politicians dub “fly over country”.

For a long time, I operated ahead of the news cycles. This is the way most hackers operate. The things we do often don’t make the headlines, indeed its been said the best hackers are the ones you never hear about. This equifax thing is a joke,from a hackers view point it completely blows away the whole concept of ‘low profile’. I digress, but I’m waiting for some script kiddie to step forward and claim credit for his/her five minutes of fame because it fits the persona of someone who would do such a thing to sell the info on the ‘dark web’ kinda like the internet version of ‘street credit’ give it time, watch, listen, they’ll tell one of their buddies.


On the topic of DPRK

Of late, the war drums sound loudly, and as I’ve said before, the world seems to be at the stage where its holding its breath before some plunge in to deep waters. I see headlines like this:


and wonder, what happens when those voices that call for restraint and dialog fall silent. Mr. Secretary that first bomb should never fall. Not because there is a fight we can not win, but instead because the day it does is the day we have have abandoned sanity and opted for a series of events none of us may be able to control. In short, as other have said, things could spiral out of control very easily. This is not the era of the first Korean war, this is 50+ years later and the costs would be far greater so as one of #WeThePeople

I am here adulting, telling you Sir(Sec. Tillerson), and those in the diplomatic corps there must be a peace, here in, fail us not.

Further, yesterday it came to my attention that N. Korea is allegedly behind the ‘wannacry’ attacks. I can neither confirm nor deny this, however I would say if I were looking at a list of suspects it would not consist of only them. The short version here, is “wannacry” is amateurish to say the least it attacked an old system with more bugs then the amazon rainforest. I would expect A country who can pilfer bitcoins by the thousands to display a bit more technical prowess.

I went yesterday looking for @X0rz tweets on wannacry and low and behold couldnt go back that far. I got as far back as maybe Aug. then it was the little “to top of page button”.

I also am aware of the current rejection by DPRK of our diplomatic efforts

thus one is left to wonder, where the middle ground is to be found. Mr. Trump wrote “the art of the deal” and its been said ‘diplomacy is the art of comprimise’ so the solution as this affects the world and not just a US-DPRK standoff is some sort of third part mediation. In the past, we’ve looked to China but as Mr. Trump found out the relationship between China and DPRK is not something one covers in a ten minute history lesson of dinner.

Perhaps then its time we look else where, to a country which is not in the region which has historically been a neutral ground / party, or tried to be. Off the top of my head, Switzerland actually springs to mind.


Of Mr. Putin, and Russia

Moving on, I caught a quote from Hillary Clinton yesterday and like her or hate her, she wasn’t wrong on this oneC2HQDP

I said it before in old blog entries and such. The man plays the long game and he’s had years of practice at it.

In the twitterverse awhile back I sent a tweet to @cybertaters

and gave them some very sound advice “Never underestimate an adversary”.

Doing so is like sending them a nice fruit basket with some rocks lining the bottom that they can throw at you later.

I do think some of the things Russia has been blamed for are a matter of political convenience. On the other hand, I also believe if they decided to use their influence with

DPRK we might find another way out of our current predicament. It just becomes a matter of how do we deal with the 2016 election problems, which must NEVER happen again and at the same time ask them to give the N.K. government a nudge and ask them to tone down the rhetoric so the situation can be deescalated.



Then we come to one of those topics I have to put gloves on just to touch…

Mr. Assange and Wikileaks.

Long before the CIA director came out and said it I made the comments “Wikileaks is not our friend”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the same sense I used those words to describe wikileaks, I say the same for Mr. Assange. He reminds me a bit of the ‘cancer man’ from the xfiles only with intentions that are more shrouded and less with the contact with the proverbial ‘good guys’ Its my honest estimate “he is not our friend” and bares watching.

Of course he’s not dead… I’ll make it simple, he’s up to something and using his favorite crowdfunded org to spread whatever it is. This much I’m sure of, it probably won’t be good for the multitudes.

Mr. Assange wants to pain himself as a champion of free information. He wants to sit on the fence as it were and paint himself as a victim, claiming money through wikileaks all the while sewing seeds of discord. I’ve seen this in his twitter feed, but don’t know if one can go back that far as twitter has conveniently misplaced some peoples older tweets.



More to come… snipping here pending edit.








A lot can change in a day..(from 9-25)

I awoke this morning at about 3:20 local time and started some coffee and such with a plan of writing a blog entry then relaxing, catching the morning news and then most likly a nap because of the early hour I woke.

That plan was short lived with the onset of a migraine, but I’m since on the rebound having taken some Tylenol and such. I would be a fool if I ignored the news that came to pass while I was resting.

At the same time, this has not stopped my day. I had a conversation with a lady here for a good bit on a range of topics, faced down one of my own fears and so forth.

While I won’t cover all the topics of my earlier conversation, I will mention just in passing that the respect for the flag / national anthem was one of the things mentioned. It seems some things unify across generations as far as a perspective goes. We debated the topic of athletes standing or kneeling a bit(Standing won the debate I think, just an fyi). If you’d like the details perhaps I’ll share them another day.

On to other matters of importance, it is frankly impossible for the President to have ‘declared war’ on any country. It is in the framework of the executive branch to order military action, but as a matter of importance I want to be very clearhwvngP

As we are not there, it would seem to stand to be fair and reasonable to dismiss the claims made by others in the headlines at this point as an attempt to turn up the political rhetoric instead of dialing it down. I sincerely would hope, this is not that case and that no one would make the mistake of firing on a U.S. aircraft as that would probably raise eyebrows even far beyond Washington.

We often find ourselves looking across the pond for solutions to complex problems for some time now, as I said to someone earlier it has felt as if the world were holding its breath perhaps waiting for someone to find those exact delicate words that solve the tensions which seem to thrive currently in our world.

While it is surely just and fair, that we call upon our friends as they would us in hours of need there must too be a time when we say “We are choosing a different path then the obvious one before us”.

I read where its spoken of hopes China, or perhaps even Russia will bring enough ‘pressure’ to Mr. Kim Jon Uns doorstep that he will see reason and that not everyone in the world seeks to be his enemy even where it has been portrayed as such. I also caught, recently where Nikki Haley stated at the U.N. very much the same thing and I’m going to paraphrase as I don’t immediately have the article but it was something akin to ‘If N. Korea can live in peace with the global community, the world community can live in peace with them’

Yet, we as a global community see these destructive tests of weapons that we know the results of, and wonder when will he choose to look forward for the future, perhaps towards the stars, instead of back in to the past where in I found agreement with an older generation just a brief time ago that “we must not repeat what has been”.

I do not have “all the answers”, nor would I want to. I offer only my opinion and hope that it is found of use. As I close out todays blog bit, I want to offer a thought that in destruction there is no time taken to teach it is what it is. Only in an environment of stability and discourse can we hope that gathering clouds might abate and the doves fly over us in the days ahead.


Time for the ‘unwanted’ options to be put on the table.

Now before I EVEN get really started with this, I don’t mean militarily. There are countries that we (that is the U.S.) have just taken the position of (basically) “We’re not talking to you”. Shuttered the embassy, blocked the phone numbers, etc etc etc. Folks, I’m here to tell you knowing what I know and having seen what I’ve seen its time we seriously reconsider some of those very old choices. I keep seeing and hearing “calm responsible dialog is the path forward” Hell, I echo those comments on a regular basis but lets face it the “official” channels to many of the countries we are having issues with have been closed for some time and the “back channels” aren’t up to a standard because if they were I wouldn’t be reading the things I have been. Example A:


Okay, w/e US-Russia relations are, this is not something I see them crying wolf over. Now this post is 3h old but when it was at around 1 minute.. lets just say I’m sure there were some frayed nerves. Personally, I went for a quiet stroll and caught some fresh air because panic serves no purpose. 🙂

To say the recent behavior of some(without pointing any fingers) has been ‘reckless’ would be perhaps the greatest understatement of the year. The time for scaring the world is over, the time for the childish “I’m not talking to you is over” sit down like a great many I’m sure are paid well to do and start putting ideas on the table.

I am not a diplomat, I am not a politician, and I’m not working for any government agency I’m the person on the street apparently with more common sense then some who hold the fate of the world in their hands(not pointing any fingers).

I am sick of being the adult in the room after what now 3 months+? of people thinking they are going to wake up to news of a mushroom cloud somewhere its time for it to end and end in a rational manner.

Stop talking AT each other, and start talking to each other please for all our sakes. This does not ONLY apply to DPRK, but also to other shall we say ‘less then friendly’ countries.

As was stated by someone else very recently, Mr. Trump, and Mr. Kim Jong Un both seem to be of a similar temperament. The problem then is theres no one who can stand and say “You gentlemen(being kind there) need to talk to each other”. Well, fortunately, “We The People” are not all going to choose to remain silent.

Really, someone hand POTUS a phone and someone across the pond hand Kim Jong Un a phone and let them actually have a discussion. Hopefully its not a screaming match, I’m going to choose to believe that if these two can have a civil conversation even a brief one a lot of the hysteria in the press is going to fade because lets face it, truly historic moment. Oh, and reopen some embassies while you’re at it, please cause I’m not looking for any repeats.

The choice here is not do we deescalate things or not. The choice is do we choose to settle differences or do we choose a war which will once started have no guarantees of being contained and will more then likely spell the end of civilization as we know it.

Seems a pretty simple choice.

Here ended the lesson.



Touching base on a few things…that 9_14 update from kittens corner

It is far past time when I sit and begin to put together an explanation for a great many things. I have not made a ‘blog’ entry for a couple months not entry due to lack of access, but somewhat due to that the other piece of the proverbial puzzle being I do enjoy thinking, and I’ve  come to appreciate the value of more carefully articulated thought.



(aka disclaimer:

Which simplified means, my opinions here are my own and do not reflect any other person or .gov agency.

A *short version list of the topics I need to touch on might include but not be limited to:

Part one,


A couple weeks ago now, Mr. Trump and some of his colleagues attempted to give a speech on infrastructure.

The lady in the blue outfit was actually there to speak on it according to what I’ve heard on the proverbial ‘grape vine’.

It is doubly sad, that the events in Charolettesville took place, as it served to open old wounds with will take a good deal of time, and discussion to begin to properly heal anew. Hopefully In a long and lasting way.

I however, would like to just calmly point at the infrastructure sign and remind the powers that be that this, helps us all. Especially when we not only repair our roads / bridges etc, but when we do new things like lay fibre in rural areas and build up the communications(hopefully in a more sure fashion) the has been previously done. All of this translates quite simply in to American jobs, something a great number will benifit for years to come as construction / modernization projects move forward.


The transgender ban(theres reasons I’m not being exactly a loud voice here on this bit, not what you might think either… these things in time…)

I am choosing not to voice my opinion strongly on this, other then the fact I believe it is every Americans right, if they are willing and choose to to serve the country in the best way they can. Telling a portion of the population they can not, I can only imagine ‘unhelpful’ to say the least in maintaining discipline and unit morale.


The tropical storms(though the news has those well covered…)

While recovery goes on from Irma, and a great deal of focus has shifted to the recent tragedy of our fellow Americans in Florida / Ga/ SC/ etc. Let us not forget TX, and LA. who were also hammered(proverbially) my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected, the familys, and their loved ones.


bigger picture..


Russia – A couple months ago, I had began to write bits and pieces of what I thought of what we’ll just refer to in this context as “The Russian Bear”
There was shall we say chatter of a “new cold war” yesterday, I catch this headline

Russia – A couple months ago, I had began to write bits and pieces of what I thought of what we’ll just refer to in this context as “The Russian Bear”
There was shall we say chatter of a “new cold war” yesterday, I catch this headline. I will refrain from comment on deeper thoughts on the matter at this time, however I do recall the open (senate?) meeting where so many of the intel officials and brass said they would in fact not embrace a kaspersky product. Back, I believe it was pre 2k, I was shopping for an antivirus solution. Both Mcafee and Symantec stood out as rather popular solutions at the time, however, rumor had it they, at the time were producing a superior product. Now I have never reverse engineered it in depth so I wonder, how much of this is genuine security concern and how much of it is political. This again, a topic for more depth on another day.. I close the thought on this note cybersecurity is it is going to be effective, as it is a global web will have to be a team effort as it affects every single country on the web. Where the debate is is the boundary of trust and how well folks shall wel say ‘play together’.

If I am invited to reverse engineer said products, I am willing to do so and give an independent third party opinion. If not, well I’ve shared a few thoughts on the topic.




China – Dateline June 2017 – I made a acquaintence across the pond to the west who told me a bit of his daily life, and we socialized a bit. In one of our last communications, he mentioned he was happy o help promote ‘East / West dialog’. My attitude on such is something like what I saw in one of the tweets from one of the Chinese news agencies the short version, is a driver stopped for a man wearing a cap on one of their roads, the man removed his cap and bowed slightly as a token of respect for the other party. There seems to be a broader lesson many could take from such a thing and while I may not always portray my attitude as such, I do attempt to find humility(and sometimes, in honesty, it does take some self-soul-searching) and meet others on that ground. At the end of the day though, what was interesting what I was seeing of the culture and perspective difference(I am, indeed a learnid little creature.) I will say this, for the most part it was light, casual conversation, and some 2-3 months on.. I do miss the chats. I think they helped me see the bigger picture more clearly.


DPRK – Oh my, well, if this isn’t the sensitive topic of the moment. I will attempt to treat lightly and yet offer some realistic thoughts on the whole thing.

For a very long time, between the U.S. and DPRK one or the other has made comments about what they would do, or attempt to do to the other. This draws a reply from not only the other side but also in many cases members of the international community. I see countries such as Russian and China who are geographically in the neighborhood even at this point appear shall we say ‘a bit more then just somewhat concerned as well this does affect us all.

My suggestion in what we’ll just call observation early on from the ‘sidelines’ would be this. Do not  back down as such, however, perhaps take a more reflective stance on the issue. In this I mean we have fresh comments like these today:

This is not new new language, it is not a path towards a constructive dialog and thusly, knowing that as some of the powers that be have said

‘we dont intimidate’ Why is a reply to such things publicly in the media even a prudent thing to do?

I was encouraged a bit, by some bits and pieces from a recent article on events, where Ms. Haley (and others to be fair) had some interesting comments

I’ll tread through a few of them here before its time for that next cup of java.

Heres the url I’m about to snip from (approx 2 days old):

Theres this bit:


Now thats a far cry from some of the previous comments we;ve heard from some corners. Between things like that and

This is a far cry from just a month or two ago where there was not even a seeming willingness to step back from the brink of war.

One of the points I have taken note of the the China-Russia delegation apparently seeking an end to the US – S. Korea war games / exercises

as a prelude to DPRK standing down thier nuclear tests / ballistic program. However, my understanding is The U.S. side has declined that idea thus I will not

attempt to push further into the topic. Instead, I would quitely request, that some give considering, who are geographically in the neighborhood to encouraging

DPRK to take the steps to stand these things down a) as a show that they can be worked with without a ever increasing sense of pressure and secondly,

and perhaps more importantly. I am aware of Chinas concern about their air quality in cities and such and while they are ‘up river’ so to speak on

their neighbor, to quietly, and respectfully remind them that such tests affect things such as ground water on a quite deep level(not mentioning the materials

kicked up in to the air). Perhaaps on this ground, they can be brought to see a bit more reason in encouraging thier neighbor to discontinue such atmospheric testing

as frankly, on some level truly big picture, it harms us all. The USSR / US suspended such tests quite some time ago for very similar reasons.

As the morning wears forth, I’ll disgress a bit on this for the time.. but as always it is my continued hope that negations whether they be at the U.N. or elsewhere bare good fruit that the world might move on to other issues which bare its attention and do so with a sense of stability in a not so very distant future.

As I illuded to yesterday, briefly to some, bitcoin and digital money transfers rend sanctions shall we just say ‘less productive’. It does not mean abandon them, but betwen bitcoin and back hacks etc.. the water does leak out of the proverbial bottle. Let us hope, that constructive dialog continues and the thoughts on ways such transfers might be prevented at some point remain only in the corners of a few older school hackers that realize, discretion is sometimes the better part of valor. ❤




When the .@VP made a trip to South America recently, Venezuela was high on his list of talking points. Some time ago, I made some friends down that way. We still touch base on occasion however we do not have the levels of contact we once did, partially due to my desire to ‘not be in the way as it were’. However this issue too, will not wonder far from my mind as I have given my word, I have seen some idea of some things going on there and sincerly hope for a path to a better life for those people and my friends.

etc etc..


Why do I care? well.. A number of reasons, not because i get paid for it, but its the thought that just perhaps a different perspective might be of use to some people thus if it is, so mote it be if not, its well spent time and well free speech and all that, being mindful of course that some of the aforementioned topics of of a quite intense nature. I conclude this A.M. noting as I did previously. I have to do none of this. I offer my thoughts as a perspective from shall we say ‘middle America’ far more, will concern themselves with their daily lives, as well they should however, as I like to think I do not believe I shall soon fall silent (powers that be willing) on the bigger picture, because for the most part, the smaller scne is quiet, serene, and hopefully remains that way for the foreseeable future.




have a good evening/day.




Oh bugger it Fine ill delve in to topics I didnt want to

Lets just say I have been known to catch an episode or two of ‘The Americans’ on FX.. I find it an interesting look back yet one has to ponder what exactly the modern overtones are. I am NOT wading into the Trump / Russia / Comey matter its just a big mess and I frankly dont have then mental energy to expend on it or havent in the past few days / couple weeks. There are plenty with their minds on such things.

I dont really want to delve in to spirituality, I am firmly in the camp ‘to each their own’ when it comes to beliefs, I try to respect others and ask only the same.

I am somewhat troubled by some of the ‘chatter’ bandied about however in light of recent events I am willing to let bygones remain as such if others are as well.

As I have touched on the topic of Russia and I have previously stated I believe Mr. Putin is a Patriot when it comes to his country, it may not surprise some that at times I tend to think of myself in the same way to my own(okay regularly.. but ya know everything in its place eh?). When the press looks back on 2016 they question the outcome of our elections yet its been stated repeatedly no actual vote counts were changed. There is a difference between force and influence. We all have some degree of influence on those around us, and being all 21st century and interconnected and such well one sees how those things complicate.

I have a suggestion, moving forward for the ‘journalists’ its your choice whether or not you wish to take the advice it is only that. If you are an American journalist and you want to write about ‘the bear’ perhaps thing of yourself as sitting across a very large ping pong table or chess board from said bear. The bear does not change just because it sits at a chess board, it is still a bear.

As the proverbial eagle in this tale.. perhaps one should ponder when it is time to study the board from another perspective and do not forget, you have those wings for a reason, sometimes the best choice may be to simply fly away sometimes.. not. It is the judgement of those with the patience for dialog and to see how the game takes shape who in a much longer view may fare better at the end of a long day. This is not the table for ‘speed chess’.



Infrastructure week? well… ok..

While Washington has been mired in politics, a great many of the rest of us, myself included have been out on the countries roads. We hear the words ‘Trillion dollar infrastructure plan’ bandied about as if this were some casual amount of money. Now perhaps when one compares that to something like the nation debts(its at what 19 trillion now?), it takes on a bit of a different perspective. However, what Washington basically wants to do here is “spend the twenty”. Lets say for a moment we the people accept that, and over 10 years we get improved roads and bridges, etc. This is a proverbial ‘drop in the bucket’ but a wise man once said, “even the longest journey begins with a single step”.

The debt is going to continue to climb(if history is any teacher) so knowing that, I would suggest then that we do do go ahead and “spend the twenty” as it were but in doing so let us not only look back to the things which built us up, road, bridges, the power grid but let us make sure we include what will undoubtedly be the new layer. Bring more broadband to the rural areas. This is not going to be pretty its not going to be neat, its not going to be overnight but what it does is it lays groundwork. It lays groundwork for a future built on commerce in a connected world.

I think back to when the internet was in its infancy, started as sending data between gov orgs and academia etc(who were the only ones who could really afford the new technology at the time I suppose) and then compare that to now. We are so proud we have this big beautiful interconnected world.. well if we are to truly have that then that means those things which once took weeks or months to reach the people who need those things should be available one day to rich and poor alike without hours of travel.

I watched a bit of kids tv last night, the topic was the dark ages.. perhaps the way not only to avoid a new dark age, but the way to a new lighter age will be found when we are not so devoted in using so many of our resources to logistics(getting things where they need to go) and more can be devoted to culture things which endure through the ages.. the Pyramids come to mind as do other ‘wonders of the word’ What will we do with so many jobs lost to ‘AI’ and ‘deep learning’ well.. the simple answer is we find new ones such as I have mentioned above..

I do not have all the answers, and perhaps I never will, but as was once suggested..

“I have, a pretty good idea…”

topics I stay away from..

I have stayed away from a number of topics of late. Last week I mailed 5 people in Washington DC, I will not go in to the reasons for doing this, nor will I disclose the contents of those messages here. I will say only, my actions in this are designed to protect the Republic, nothing more and nothing less. Let me say though that in 40 years, I have not done this before. That alone should imply the serious gravity of the situation we now find ourselves in.

Last week, I wrote this:


I had made serious attempt to quietly support the idea of the Chinese and their “Belt and road” ininitiative with tweets and retweets. As I believe an increase in trade is generally good for the global economy. I also made every reasonable effort to not politicize this as 1) that would be counter productive and I believe the Chinese dropped a not so casual hint to avoid such a thing. Here in though is my problem: For me to continue to do this, while DPRK continues their missile test, and aggressive behavior seems to me the equivalent of doing so with a gun pointed at my head. Which is something I simply will not do. The Chinese have championed dialog and reason in these matters and thus I write today hoping they might catch glimpse of my thought and persuade DPRK to step back from their aggressive actions. I have no standing to make this request. I am no diplomat, I am no political leader. Yet, when we have those on both sides taking the position “we are not talking to each other” It would seem past due that someone would stand up, look at both sides and say there is only one sane path forward.

If I am to be the proverbial one eyed chica in the kingdom of the blind, then so be it. For the alternative is to continue on the path the world finds itself on and one day sooner or later someone will over play their hand and then there will be bloodshed. At that point, all bets are off and there is no promise anywhere where such a mess will lead or when it will end.

For my part, I am willing to continue to try to cast Chinas’ culture and natural beauty in a favorable light, as I try to do with places like Greece and Spain however, as this is a trade of sorts(as I’m a practicing witch I do know a bit about barter) they recipical part of that is my request that NK stand down its aggressive behavior. I have no control over what the US gov or Military does, but there is a profit to be had in being seen to be peace makers, and pursuing exploration instead of war.

I will touch briefly now, on Manchester as I have not yet in blog form in any kind of depth. I have a deep and abiding love for music. I was beyond horrified by the cowardly attack on young people at the Manchester bombing. As one who has long used the tools provided by others in the form of a global botnet to pursue the shutdown of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL accounts (and just hoping someone traces through the links put forward through that system as twitter does an inadequate job) I can only say that my hopes for a quick shut down of their ‘cyber caliphate’ is only further hastened and that the days when the world is horrified by events like these may pass quickly and we may know peace.

I wrote a note yesterday(perhaps the day before) to Mr. Obama. While I had not intended to publish it, it explains well my position on maybe of the current events involving Mr. Trump those, out of transparency, I will post it here if he chooses to reply, that reply will be confidential as I will not disclose our personal communications from his end without his permission out of respect for the man, and the office he held.

Mr. Obama,

I don’t recall the last message I sent you, other then a brief nudge over twitter. Let me start by wishing you and your family, a happy memorial day weekend.
While you were in office, I attempted to write from time to time to offer my views on things. While I might not have always had the words, I thought a perspective
from between the two coasts might be of value. I have attempted to offer mr. Trump the same thing, in the spirit of quietly trying to be a friend to the office, however
I find myself in a bit of a quagmire. The ‘right thing’ as it were, obscured by the media on both sides of the isle. Do I defend the man who holds the office when doubt
lingers in my mind with all the stories floating about, believing I have seen more then most, or do choose the easier path and just stick with the mantra ‘country before party’?
I find myself erroring towards Mr. Pence when I find myself in doubt of some of the stories around the President, but as I have not met either man it is hard to judge if even this
is the right course. In the past week, Ive sent no less then 5 messages to Washington, Senators and the speaker, and even the President and Vice President trying to act
as some kind of anchor to reality to those who may easily be lost in what has been dubbed “the swamp”. I welcome any thoughts you may have, today I mailed one of the Senators from here, hopefully that will spark some kind of turning of the gears in DC so we can see our way clear of this fog and in to brighter days for us all.
I have my own thoughts on a great many things,
I await the replys I mentioned above with sealed lips, watching over the multitudes as best I can from a quiet corner between the coasts, and as a side note. I am aware Mr. Hannity has had some issues. I will say only this. There are facts not in evidence. Do not leap so very quickly to fault a man when things have remained in shadow to protect many and know that one day, more facts may come to light which MAY(no promises) leave him vindicated in some of the things he has said. (I also say this without having caught all his comments, but I do believe.. the story is not yet fully written).
To “The Bear”:
I hear White Tiger Vodka is good…
What I wouldn’t give for a shot of it about now, with a bit of orange juice thrown in.
Artemis, her bow at feet, quiver cast over shoulder.
Horus, of wisdom tome opened his voice raised.
Mars, in shadow, with watchful eyes.
Athena, her sword drawn, her shield raised at rest on near by hill.
Shade of elder tree granting her needed shade from sun high over head.
A road, of bricks,  leading path in to old lands. Across a great continent
often left unthought of leading to desert where old idols and pyramids tower above
shifting sands.
Bricks craved, by hands long turned to bone
but these brights, their light, not found orange…
their light yellow, as the golden sun…
a road that leads past old temples, long forgotten by those unknowning of the old gods…
to be continued…

all the things..first / rough draft

There is so very much I need to cover, so please bare with me, and forgive the long time since my last proper post and recall it usually takes 20+ drafts for me to get one of these done and get it up. In regards to the Araina attack so far, I have this… but this is very much a first draft…

The attack on the concert, is an attack on my very soul, I am deeply attached to my music with no words to properly express the dismay. I have no words that adequately describe the sheer horror I feel over this. I will not recover, there will be an unending hole that will not soon be forgotten. To the victims, their families, I am so very sorry that some cowards choose to act like this.This is the Boko Haram thing for me, all over again, but far more personal in that I abhor the loss of life and the violence. Someone had the nerve to suggest some didnt care ‘bless your heart’ heh.(what, I realized I was too erm, straight forward. but this is as someone else said “an attack on innocence”), read between the lines. I do nothing BUT care.

Secondly, a few nights ago, I tweeted to @FBI Washington Field AND secret service(yet only told the FBI to cancel it……) about DT. This was spawned by an article I saw that said “Exclusive” and was talking about the #18 Russia, and DT(I think I retweeted it, but I cant search retweets like I can things I post myself(, but if someone else can search through the @Nexykat account retweets for the past 5-6 days its probably honestly there somewhere. I had an incident this morning where I misplaced a debit card, I called the local police and had them send out an officer who gave me his badge number and phone number and a phone # for the @FBI. I put that in an envelope which I mailed to the white house this AM.(meaning it went out with todays mail and will probably arrive tomm.(maybe Wed.) It has my address label, and DT’s name on it.  Idk what procedures are up there, but its on its way and has all the color coding stuff on it. I spoke of VP Pence in Orange and DT in Red. I’m trusting that one or both can sort all this. I read where the OGE seems to have been empowered. Well, HAPPY DAY for that(this does not detract from the above, again, Ariana is an Artist I enjoy and my music is for lack of a better phrase a “part of me”..

Again we just come to ‘Im lost and confused on the subject, but I do know what I have seen yet spiritually, my craft tells me to ‘harm none’ so there in lays my dilemma, that and I do not know the man. Its very hard to judge if he really would  have done this from what the press is putting out..


In regards to China, and NK. I have gained a entirely different perspective on both and as my commitment to world peace has been fulfilled and my hopes NK would see some kind of sanity greatly reduced I cannot in good conscience continue to support their belt and road idea(with RT’s until such time as NK’s leader sees the ‘light of day’.

He behaves as if this were the days of ‘pirates on the high seas’ when lobbing a cannon ball over an enemy ships hall was a not too terribly uncommon thing, when in todays world it is completely unacceptable and not the behavior of those seeking to be peers with other countries or have any kind of meaningful dialog.

My understanding of ‘the bear’ has also changed. I underestimate someone once, it does not happen a second time.

#OverItAll(I really just want out of all of it hence why I keep doing the RT’s of the state dept.)


If you need me I’ll be ‘stayin in Paris’.

To the people of the UK, know I stand ‘should to shoulder with the rest of our country, in condemning this horrid attack in ‘the strongest possible terms’.


The “yellow brick road, relates to Adeles video “we could have had it all(I envision that big pictograph on the ceiling in that video) as Ive previously pointed out, and archaeology. There was a post on my overit page that had an article explaining how parts of africa were reflecting more sunlight, thus they had it colored yellow. Before that the post I was hunting for (and have yet to find( was where a very large pictograph had been uncovered in egypts sands. so basically you have a big yellow arrow pointing at some find in Egypt, but I have to find the specific post and I dont know whether its on my personal page, or meh overit page and thats the missing piece of the puzzle as you can look at where that big piece was found.

Oh and the ‘alien megastructure’ ‘dimmed’ its lights according to bits and pieces floating about…

P.S. (Goddess bless you, sweet OGE)

What is she not saying?

Plenty. Though I believe I have a ‘short summary’ momentarily.

There is a passage in what some might refer to as “the good book” that tells “when they say ….. and such <purposely omitted> destruction shall come upon them.” Well, taking from that lesson, I’m really not saying that.

I have made every effort to be clear in my language and believe that my whenever wherever playback to my friends in Venezuela was a bit misconstrued.

This was, not a hope that they would choose this path but instead an ‘offered opportunity’ for them to find another. Today I have seen suggestion, of extraordinary events however I do not feel that I can delve in to them in depth at this time.

Perhaps in a day or two, the situation shall change and I shall have more to offer in the school of thought.