What if…

I’m just spitballing here, and I don’t have the hard facts to back it up. Though I suppose if I were to reach out to some of my old #Anonymous contacts they could find out which way was up without too much trouble but for this purpose, I’m going to engage ina bit of what we will call ‘educated speculation’.

I look back in to April of this year, and a few events since and I catch stories like these:

North Korea Surprises With Display of New Missiles at Annual Military Parade


We’d be fools to believe they haven’t continued on working on these things, and they aren’t exactly forthcoming on their advances in this area. Why do I get to write this bit? I’m the lady in case you’ve missed it among a feew other voices who make up the not so proverbial adults in the room calling for ‘restraint, de-escalation, and dialog’.

We then skip forward to closer to nowish..



I’d suggest, and this is just one cyber kittehs hunch, that they already have such a capability and just aren’t putting their cards on the table. The thing is, lets assume for a minute I’m correct in this, they have that ability and they are stalling for something. Then I have a ten million dollar question, why the holdoff in diplomacy?

“Theres an Ace not accounted for in this deck of cards, I hold only one up my sleeve, where sit the other three?”

If I were to sit down for a moment, with the President of the United States and offer him an honest no b.s. assessment I believe I’d look the gentleman an the eyes and tell him something along the lines of “Mr. President, I think we have a way out here your advisers just dont want to point out is an option for you to take.”

I don’t immediately find this post, but yesterday I reviewed a batch of photographs which had been taken shall we say ‘off the guided path’ showing the people there in need of basic things like humanitarian aid. Further, I am aware we (The U,S, and S. Korea have planned military maneuvers for training purposes. I tell you in all seriousness, as someone not sitting in Washington as someone who gets a broad overview from both sides of the pond, if we move these drills or postpone them, and we sincerly offer humanitarian aid I believe we can get Mr. Kim Jong Un. to the bargaining table.

People, are people, American, Chinese, Japanese, English what have you and at the end of the day people care about a few basic things themselves and their families, maybe a few treasured family possessions but at the core of us all is a enduring will to survive and be free. Should the powers that be elsewhere fail to realize that they need to maintain these basic things as in some cases they have apparently failed to do, no action on any outside parties part maybe necessary.

The only problem in that scenario then becomes what is to be done with the destructive materials which have already been created.

Moving along, I’ve said before I’d rather see the DPRK move to exploring space then finding new(or rather old ways which are new to them to blow people up) so apparently everything I write doesnt fall on deaf ears:


Next headline: / tidbit

“North Korea’s cyber-army should worry us all”


While I have personally written a letter to the ‘collective’ (Read #Anonymous) and also NWH (Did they get that memo? etc) urging them to exercise restraint and let the diplomats do their job there are those ‘on the sideline’ who wait should some make the unwise decision not to seek peaceful resolution to issues of the day. I will say no more, and hope that calm and constructive discussion will be that path forward so we need discuss it no further.


Finally, in closing I flash back to the remarks of a former U.S. President

Remarks at the Dorasan Train Station in Dorasan, South Korea
February 20, 2002


“We gather today surrounded by reminders of the challenges to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. President Kim has just shown me a road he built, a road for peace. And he’s shown me where that road abruptly ends, right here at the DMZ. That road has the potential to bring the peoples on both sides of this divided land together, and for the good of all the Korean people, the North should finish it.

Traveling south on that road, the people of the North would see not a threat but a miracle of peaceful development, Asia’s third largest economy that has risen from the ruins of war. The people of the North would see more than physical wealth; they would see the creativity and spiritual freedom represented here today. They would see a great and hopeful alternative to stagnation and starvation. And they would find friends and partners in the rebuilding of their country.

South Korea is more than a successful nation; it is an example to the world. When nations embrace freedom, they find economic and social progress. When nations accept the rules of the modern world, they find the benefits of the modern world. And when nations treat men and women with dignity, they find true greatness.”

I do not believe the door closed to a day when prosperity and peace can find a home there and be a beacon unto the world for what humanity can do when it decides to sit aside the horror and cruelty of the past. Thus, for as long as The creator(if you believe if such a being) will fill my lungs with breath, I shall continue to advocate we stay our hand from the path of madness and seek to live in harmony, build a better world to spite the challenges we may find there in in doing so we secure the blessings of our world for the generations yet to come.


Have a good evening.




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