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Let me start this story at the beginning, call it what you will a sense of duty, a debt of honor, what have you. When I was 27-28 I went on Social Security / Disability for back problems, PTSD, and a few other reasons we won’t go in to here and now as they are not relevant.

The point being, for the past 12+ years my government (US.Gov) has given me a modest means to at least survive not by any means making it easy but a basic income which has allowed me to have my needs met if not the things I want. Thus, I take the time to put together whatever I can in the means of sound and reasonable advice to those who would listen lets call it ‘repayment of a debt of honor’. While many sit in D.C., the “halls of power” if you will, I sit in the middle of what many politicians dub “fly over country”.

For a long time, I operated ahead of the news cycles. This is the way most hackers operate. The things we do often don’t make the headlines, indeed its been said the best hackers are the ones you never hear about. This equifax thing is a joke,from a hackers view point it completely blows away the whole concept of ‘low profile’. I digress, but I’m waiting for some script kiddie to step forward and claim credit for his/her five minutes of fame because it fits the persona of someone who would do such a thing to sell the info on the ‘dark web’ kinda like the internet version of ‘street credit’ give it time, watch, listen, they’ll tell one of their buddies.


On the topic of DPRK

Of late, the war drums sound loudly, and as I’ve said before, the world seems to be at the stage where its holding its breath before some plunge in to deep waters. I see headlines like this:


and wonder, what happens when those voices that call for restraint and dialog fall silent. Mr. Secretary that first bomb should never fall. Not because there is a fight we can not win, but instead because the day it does is the day we have have abandoned sanity and opted for a series of events none of us may be able to control. In short, as other have said, things could spiral out of control very easily. This is not the era of the first Korean war, this is 50+ years later and the costs would be far greater so as one of #WeThePeople

I am here adulting, telling you Sir(Sec. Tillerson), and those in the diplomatic corps there must be a peace, here in, fail us not.

Further, yesterday it came to my attention that N. Korea is allegedly behind the ‘wannacry’ attacks. I can neither confirm nor deny this, however I would say if I were looking at a list of suspects it would not consist of only them. The short version here, is “wannacry” is amateurish to say the least it attacked an old system with more bugs then the amazon rainforest. I would expect A country who can pilfer bitcoins by the thousands to display a bit more technical prowess.

I went yesterday looking for @X0rz tweets on wannacry and low and behold couldnt go back that far. I got as far back as maybe Aug. then it was the little “to top of page button”.

I also am aware of the current rejection by DPRK of our diplomatic efforts


thus one is left to wonder, where the middle ground is to be found. Mr. Trump wrote “the art of the deal” and its been said ‘diplomacy is the art of comprimise’ so the solution as this affects the world and not just a US-DPRK standoff is some sort of third part mediation. In the past, we’ve looked to China but as Mr. Trump found out the relationship between China and DPRK is not something one covers in a ten minute history lesson of dinner.

Perhaps then its time we look else where, to a country which is not in the region which has historically been a neutral ground / party, or tried to be. Off the top of my head, Switzerland actually springs to mind.


Of Mr. Putin, and Russia

Moving on, I caught a quote from Hillary Clinton yesterday and like her or hate her, she wasn’t wrong on this oneC2HQDP

I said it before in old blog entries and such. The man plays the long game and he’s had years of practice at it.

In the twitterverse awhile back I sent a tweet to @cybertaters

and gave them some very sound advice “Never underestimate an adversary”.

Doing so is like sending them a nice fruit basket with some rocks lining the bottom that they can throw at you later.

I do think some of the things Russia has been blamed for are a matter of political convenience. On the other hand, I also believe if they decided to use their influence with

DPRK we might find another way out of our current predicament. It just becomes a matter of how do we deal with the 2016 election problems, which must NEVER happen again and at the same time ask them to give the N.K. government a nudge and ask them to tone down the rhetoric so the situation can be deescalated.



Then we come to one of those topics I have to put gloves on just to touch…

Mr. Assange and Wikileaks.

Long before the CIA director came out and said it I made the comments “Wikileaks is not our friend”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the same sense I used those words to describe wikileaks, I say the same for Mr. Assange. He reminds me a bit of the ‘cancer man’ from the xfiles only with intentions that are more shrouded and less with the contact with the proverbial ‘good guys’ Its my honest estimate “he is not our friend” and bares watching.


Of course he’s not dead… I’ll make it simple, he’s up to something and using his favorite crowdfunded org to spread whatever it is. This much I’m sure of, it probably won’t be good for the multitudes.

Mr. Assange wants to pain himself as a champion of free information. He wants to sit on the fence as it were and paint himself as a victim, claiming money through wikileaks all the while sewing seeds of discord. I’ve seen this in his twitter feed, but don’t know if one can go back that far as twitter has conveniently misplaced some peoples older tweets.



More to come… snipping here pending edit.









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