Time for the ‘unwanted’ options to be put on the table.

Now before I EVEN get really started with this, I don’t mean militarily. There are countries that we (that is the U.S.) have just taken the position of (basically) “We’re not talking to you”. Shuttered the embassy, blocked the phone numbers, etc etc etc. Folks, I’m here to tell you knowing what I know and having seen what I’ve seen its time we seriously reconsider some of those very old choices. I keep seeing and hearing “calm responsible dialog is the path forward” Hell, I echo those comments on a regular basis but lets face it the “official” channels to many of the countries we are having issues with have been closed for some time and the “back channels” aren’t up to a standard because if they were I wouldn’t be reading the things I have been. Example A:


Okay, w/e US-Russia relations are, this is not something I see them crying wolf over. Now this post is 3h old but when it was at around 1 minute.. lets just say I’m sure there were some frayed nerves. Personally, I went for a quiet stroll and caught some fresh air because panic serves no purpose. 🙂

To say the recent behavior of some(without pointing any fingers) has been ‘reckless’ would be perhaps the greatest understatement of the year. The time for scaring the world is over, the time for the childish “I’m not talking to you is over” sit down like a great many I’m sure are paid well to do and start putting ideas on the table.

I am not a diplomat, I am not a politician, and I’m not working for any government agency I’m the person on the street apparently with more common sense then some who hold the fate of the world in their hands(not pointing any fingers).

I am sick of being the adult in the room after what now 3 months+? of people thinking they are going to wake up to news of a mushroom cloud somewhere its time for it to end and end in a rational manner.

Stop talking AT each other, and start talking to each other please for all our sakes. This does not ONLY apply to DPRK, but also to other shall we say ‘less then friendly’ countries.

As was stated by someone else very recently, Mr. Trump, and Mr. Kim Jong Un both seem to be of a similar temperament. The problem then is theres no one who can stand and say “You gentlemen(being kind there) need to talk to each other”. Well, fortunately, “We The People” are not all going to choose to remain silent.

Really, someone hand POTUS a phone and someone across the pond hand Kim Jong Un a phone and let them actually have a discussion. Hopefully its not a screaming match, I’m going to choose to believe that if these two can have a civil conversation even a brief one a lot of the hysteria in the press is going to fade because lets face it, truly historic moment. Oh, and reopen some embassies while you’re at it, please cause I’m not looking for any repeats.

The choice here is not do we deescalate things or not. The choice is do we choose to settle differences or do we choose a war which will once started have no guarantees of being contained and will more then likely spell the end of civilization as we know it.

Seems a pretty simple choice.

Here ended the lesson.




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