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Oh bugger it Fine ill delve in to topics I didnt want to

Lets just say I have been known to catch an episode or two of ‘The Americans’ on FX.. I find it an interesting look back yet one has to ponder what exactly the modern overtones are. I am NOT wading into the Trump / Russia / Comey matter its just a big mess and I frankly dont have then mental energy to expend on it or havent in the past few days / couple weeks. There are plenty with their minds on such things.

I dont really want to delve in to spirituality, I am firmly in the camp ‘to each their own’ when it comes to beliefs, I try to respect others and ask only the same.

I am somewhat troubled by some of the ‘chatter’ bandied about however in light of recent events I am willing to let bygones remain as such if others are as well.

As I have touched on the topic of Russia and I have previously stated I believe Mr. Putin is a Patriot when it comes to his country, it may not surprise some that at times I tend to think of myself in the same way to my own(okay regularly.. but ya know everything in its place eh?). When the press looks back on 2016 they question the outcome of our elections yet its been stated repeatedly no actual vote counts were changed. There is a difference between force and influence. We all have some degree of influence on those around us, and being all 21st century and interconnected and such well one sees how those things complicate.

I have a suggestion, moving forward for the ‘journalists’ its your choice whether or not you wish to take the advice it is only that. If you are an American journalist and you want to write about ‘the bear’ perhaps thing of yourself as sitting across a very large ping pong table or chess board from said bear. The bear does not change just because it sits at a chess board, it is still a bear.

As the proverbial eagle in this tale.. perhaps one should ponder when it is time to study the board from another perspective and do not forget, you have those wings for a reason, sometimes the best choice may be to simply fly away sometimes.. not. It is the judgement of those with the patience for dialog and to see how the game takes shape who in a much longer view may fare better at the end of a long day. This is not the table for ‘speed chess’.




Infrastructure week? well… ok..

While Washington has been mired in politics, a great many of the rest of us, myself included have been out on the countries roads. We hear the words ‘Trillion dollar infrastructure plan’ bandied about as if this were some casual amount of money. Now perhaps when one compares that to something like the nation debts(its at what 19 trillion now?), it takes on a bit of a different perspective. However, what Washington basically wants to do here is “spend the twenty”. Lets say for a moment we the people accept that, and over 10 years we get improved roads and bridges, etc. This is a proverbial ‘drop in the bucket’ but a wise man once said, “even the longest journey begins with a single step”.

The debt is going to continue to climb(if history is any teacher) so knowing that, I would suggest then that we do do go ahead and “spend the twenty” as it were but in doing so let us not only look back to the things which built us up, road, bridges, the power grid but let us make sure we include what will undoubtedly be the new layer. Bring more broadband to the rural areas. This is not going to be pretty its not going to be neat, its not going to be overnight but what it does is it lays groundwork. It lays groundwork for a future built on commerce in a connected world.

I think back to when the internet was in its infancy, started as sending data between gov orgs and academia etc(who were the only ones who could really afford the new technology at the time I suppose) and then compare that to now. We are so proud we have this big beautiful interconnected world.. well if we are to truly have that then that means those things which once took weeks or months to reach the people who need those things should be available one day to rich and poor alike without hours of travel.

I watched a bit of kids tv last night, the topic was the dark ages.. perhaps the way not only to avoid a new dark age, but the way to a new lighter age will be found when we are not so devoted in using so many of our resources to logistics(getting things where they need to go) and more can be devoted to culture things which endure through the ages.. the Pyramids come to mind as do other ‘wonders of the word’ What will we do with so many jobs lost to ‘AI’ and ‘deep learning’ well.. the simple answer is we find new ones such as I have mentioned above..

I do not have all the answers, and perhaps I never will, but as was once suggested..

“I have, a pretty good idea…”