topics I stay away from..

I have stayed away from a number of topics of late. Last week I mailed 5 people in Washington DC, I will not go in to the reasons for doing this, nor will I disclose the contents of those messages here. I will say only, my actions in this are designed to protect the Republic, nothing more and nothing less. Let me say though that in 40 years, I have not done this before. That alone should imply the serious gravity of the situation we now find ourselves in.

Last week, I wrote this:


I had made serious attempt to quietly support the idea of the Chinese and their “Belt and road” ininitiative with tweets and retweets. As I believe an increase in trade is generally good for the global economy. I also made every reasonable effort to not politicize this as 1) that would be counter productive and I believe the Chinese dropped a not so casual hint to avoid such a thing. Here in though is my problem: For me to continue to do this, while DPRK continues their missile test, and aggressive behavior seems to me the equivalent of doing so with a gun pointed at my head. Which is something I simply will not do. The Chinese have championed dialog and reason in these matters and thus I write today hoping they might catch glimpse of my thought and persuade DPRK to step back from their aggressive actions. I have no standing to make this request. I am no diplomat, I am no political leader. Yet, when we have those on both sides taking the position “we are not talking to each other” It would seem past due that someone would stand up, look at both sides and say there is only one sane path forward.

If I am to be the proverbial one eyed chica in the kingdom of the blind, then so be it. For the alternative is to continue on the path the world finds itself on and one day sooner or later someone will over play their hand and then there will be bloodshed. At that point, all bets are off and there is no promise anywhere where such a mess will lead or when it will end.

For my part, I am willing to continue to try to cast Chinas’ culture and natural beauty in a favorable light, as I try to do with places like Greece and Spain however, as this is a trade of sorts(as I’m a practicing witch I do know a bit about barter) they recipical part of that is my request that NK stand down its aggressive behavior. I have no control over what the US gov or Military does, but there is a profit to be had in being seen to be peace makers, and pursuing exploration instead of war.

I will touch briefly now, on Manchester as I have not yet in blog form in any kind of depth. I have a deep and abiding love for music. I was beyond horrified by the cowardly attack on young people at the Manchester bombing. As one who has long used the tools provided by others in the form of a global botnet to pursue the shutdown of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL accounts (and just hoping someone traces through the links put forward through that system as twitter does an inadequate job) I can only say that my hopes for a quick shut down of their ‘cyber caliphate’ is only further hastened and that the days when the world is horrified by events like these may pass quickly and we may know peace.

I wrote a note yesterday(perhaps the day before) to Mr. Obama. While I had not intended to publish it, it explains well my position on maybe of the current events involving Mr. Trump those, out of transparency, I will post it here if he chooses to reply, that reply will be confidential as I will not disclose our personal communications from his end without his permission out of respect for the man, and the office he held.

Mr. Obama,

I don’t recall the last message I sent you, other then a brief nudge over twitter. Let me start by wishing you and your family, a happy memorial day weekend.
While you were in office, I attempted to write from time to time to offer my views on things. While I might not have always had the words, I thought a perspective
from between the two coasts might be of value. I have attempted to offer mr. Trump the same thing, in the spirit of quietly trying to be a friend to the office, however
I find myself in a bit of a quagmire. The ‘right thing’ as it were, obscured by the media on both sides of the isle. Do I defend the man who holds the office when doubt
lingers in my mind with all the stories floating about, believing I have seen more then most, or do choose the easier path and just stick with the mantra ‘country before party’?
I find myself erroring towards Mr. Pence when I find myself in doubt of some of the stories around the President, but as I have not met either man it is hard to judge if even this
is the right course. In the past week, Ive sent no less then 5 messages to Washington, Senators and the speaker, and even the President and Vice President trying to act
as some kind of anchor to reality to those who may easily be lost in what has been dubbed “the swamp”. I welcome any thoughts you may have, today I mailed one of the Senators from here, hopefully that will spark some kind of turning of the gears in DC so we can see our way clear of this fog and in to brighter days for us all.
I have my own thoughts on a great many things,
I await the replys I mentioned above with sealed lips, watching over the multitudes as best I can from a quiet corner between the coasts, and as a side note. I am aware Mr. Hannity has had some issues. I will say only this. There are facts not in evidence. Do not leap so very quickly to fault a man when things have remained in shadow to protect many and know that one day, more facts may come to light which MAY(no promises) leave him vindicated in some of the things he has said. (I also say this without having caught all his comments, but I do believe.. the story is not yet fully written).
To “The Bear”:
I hear White Tiger Vodka is good…
What I wouldn’t give for a shot of it about now, with a bit of orange juice thrown in.
Artemis, her bow at feet, quiver cast over shoulder.
Horus, of wisdom tome opened his voice raised.
Mars, in shadow, with watchful eyes.
Athena, her sword drawn, her shield raised at rest on near by hill.
Shade of elder tree granting her needed shade from sun high over head.
A road, of bricks,  leading path in to old lands. Across a great continent
often left unthought of leading to desert where old idols and pyramids tower above
shifting sands.
Bricks craved, by hands long turned to bone
but these brights, their light, not found orange…
their light yellow, as the golden sun…
a road that leads past old temples, long forgotten by those unknowning of the old gods…
to be continued…

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