Ah.. well then perspective time eh?

I tell you one of the things I recall growing up, briefly. One of the things my dad took an interest in and some the extended family as well here in the states.

http://www.fabtintoys.com/model-rocket/ (I did just complete a bit of an adventure seeing if the old ones still had a place here however while they may be strewn about they are not immediately available will continue to search I suppose) and we see in the news these images played again and again of North Koreas rocket launches. Now I wonder in a bit of perspective and introspection if while the world takes a dim view of these things because they have been so historically been weaponized(with disastrous results) if it is that it is what we are seeing here OR what if its an expression of the interest in science? Well…that might be a game changer eh?

Bigger picture you have a ‘state’ on the bigger stage which has existed more or less in isolation for years. While the world went on and progressed in some areas this state no doubt progressed in others. Now I would suppose, if they were to come a table saying this is what we have to offer this is where we believe we excel over what we have seen of your work and we want to proceed down a path of science and exploration that then would be a different story then the one we currently see unfold.

Those decisions, are not mine to make of course. I am simply reflective and will undoubtedly continue to be such.

In the course of the days events, personal matters aside as I had to pay a call on an old (and rather painful memory) I have been informed(its publicly available info, really..) that NK wanted to tell the world they had made advancements. This was not beyond what I had thought. I find interesting that they did not choose to set off a nuclear test(as they have in the past) but chose the less destructive route… in this at least I can say there is some small progress.  Should they continue to choose their actions in this fashion.. ..perhaps there is cause for hope.




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