so and so warning of ww3 and other things im pondering

Ahhhh some violin music..

still believe it helps me think 😀

You know someone on tv the other day described mortality as a bird, that if we were to think of it as such and we asked it every day what would become of us, we must know what that answer would one day be. Having heard that, and choosing to believe the better of people, rather then the worst. I believe I am prepared to offer a few thoughts.

I am afraid I lost the headline where China made a general statement (Im working from memory recall here) that ‘All were welcome’ at the Belt and road forum. I understand that the US protested a bit and being ‘aware of the news’ I still note this(upcoming snip), as ‘modest forward progress’.

Thats a far cry from ‘we are not speaking to one another’


Let us not, rush forward (in my opinion again.. ) but instead work toward a real and reasonable lasting dialog. I understand this shall take time, thus my comments will be brief. However, I do not choose to listen to the negativity of a certain here in unnamed but yet acknowledged ‘collective’. Instead I choose to believe that humanity will not opt for self destruction. We go that route and the next war is fought with sticks and stones.. show of hands for that option? no one? Okay great.

Let me illustrate where we are with a clip from an old favorite of mine:

I dont wanna spend my life living this Star Trek clip, nor do I want anyone else to laff.. so let us hope for better days eh?

Some time ago(an hour? two?) I saw one of the bits come through social media ‘tommorrows headlines today’ or some such from the UK. I will, try to tread lightly here as I touch upon a subject, with deep respect having given a fair deal of thought to history today.

Let me tell you, if I may, one of the reasons I can hold such a hope for humanity. The word, legacy is bandied about somewhat lightly at times. There are those who rule over others, there are those who seek to be any number of things and history has its place for all of them. A legacy too, it seems at least in one foreigners heart have found an enduring place in acts of compassion that were such a light to the world years later. I speak, of the Lady Diana.

I had of course the view from a distance, but I have watched quietly as her family has grown up and I see too such a reflection of that trait in their acts that I can believe she would be proud.

I simply do not usually speak of this topic, as I still have the (Sir) Elton John tribute fresh in mind as if it were recent. It is also, not my place but in hours when the world hope in the world grows dim, I ask you what better time to hold up a light amongst us in human nature for thought and reflection?

I have watched the images flow through ‘social media’ I have listened to perceptions in drama and theater but I did something some time ago with the hope to encourage others that I do not believe I have offered a sufficient explanation for perhaps I do not have the words yet to do so but as one of my profiles says if I encourage a balance in tech. If our world ends up being a little safer or a bit more fair with the ‘Americas Digital Princess’ idea then as a wiccan might say “so mote it be”.

I do not suppose that it is money, or fame or power that truly shape any of as as who we are but instead the character of those we cherish. Perhaps, it is because I am not used to such things? What would I do with them though? Honestly? Are the people sitting in lavish palaces truly more content isolated then among the people? I do not imagine it would be such. For my part, I am sure there is the ‘new oil’ of data to be had.. but you can have that as well. For me, I shall have my music and reflections and share my thoughts where I can in hope that others may find them of some quiet use.

(this has been on for a bit.. (24-25min before I just rest it) as i said… I do enjoy the music 🙂 )

Ahhh… well.. moving on(This is what day two or three Ive been editing this  makes an excellent argument for twitter adding an ‘edit’ button instead of just delete rm1RUx )

I am glad, there are those in the world who will look past the proverbial Hawks. Those who do not take dark tidings and blindly do their bidding. I am glad that restraint and dialog have become the watchwords instead of fear.

When I was younger, I applied to serve my country, for reasons we wont cover (GED cutoff being the main in my mind) it was not accepted. Since then they jailed me once, for a couple days with a bond I could not afford to pay. When I had in my mind commited no crime. (I was literally just out for a walk yes, I may have been speaking a language they didnt know at times but that in itself ‘does no harm’) Threating to lock me away with those who would do me harm. They ‘literally’ put me, unjustly(in my opinion) “in harms way”. (They really did almost violate the 8th amd Imho)I was prepared to use what ever means necessary to defend myself. Fortunately others intervened out of compassion.

I do not hold malice against ‘my lady’ I dwell amongst her people of every type, and nation in peace and take them as they come the good the bad and the other. I was left wondering though, after my last arrest if my country would not one day have something to ask of me.

I love her, how could I refuse? Simply, I probably would not and while no such request has come today I consider a debt paid to some degree but… where I signed on a dotted line I made a commitment one others have made over many years while it was not accepted I did not consider that debt paid..(I may never see it as such as so many have given so much more…)

Today over in the twitterverse I caught this bit


I quietly, for my part and (at least attemptedly) respectfully agreed, and I submit I too have tried to do as much though I had no guide to do so, just a desire to see peace break out instead of war. My reply thus came quickly:


It is however, my belief, that ‘peace’ will never be a static thing. It faces challenges moving forward. I have read a bit more then most state side I suppose about Chinas ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. (They could have labeled it grizzly and panda, but chose to be more inclusive) This seems a solid foundation on which to proceed. I could be mistaken but the reasoning behind it is quite simple ‘trade’ now I may not know a great deal about a great many things but one thing those of us who can recall simpler times or look back on them fondly is another ‘barter’. *grins* Let us hope in such that all the dealing in that spirit are thusly fair.

I call now on my countrymen, to answer the needs which are set before us. While we do not turn a blind eye to international affairs, I am aware that things like ‘healthcare’ take precedent for a great many(most likely myself included).

I saw something disturbing last night so I need to address that… one of the stations said a historian had said the “US was looking like a banana republic”. Here is why I disagree: The other party has not been silenced. They are ‘out of power’ proverbially but party dynamics change over time some parties grow other shrink. In the words of Mr. Obama though “Democracy functions best when it has two healthy parties”. We are used to that being the “Democrats and Republicans” if it continues to be so, then ‘so mote it be’ if it does not, it does not mean the end of the values we hold dear.

In my actions, I have tried(and probably not been perfectly successful to put forward both sides. I retweeted some of Mr. Trumps material from his speech yesterdayI also retweeted Bernie Sanders last night. This morning, again, both sides of the coin:


I have no desire to play ‘party politics’ it would be far too easy. Instead I would as that the Senate really put their heads together as AMERICANS and work to resolve the pressing issues before them, as I understand it the bill on healthcare that passed the house “needs some work”I challenge them to come together draw up their own and then reconcile the two. I saw Sen. Donnellys call, and I do not ignore it. However I wonder, this and honest question time how can someone who is wealthy or was wealthy not have had money coming in from all over the place? We speak of a large corporation to assume they just ‘did not do business’ in some countries defies common sense so I wonder in such are we indeed on a witch hunt? (I do get to ask that being wiccan and all… seems legit). Not much sport in it if we are I’d say. If there are criminal matters let them be attended to by an independent prosecutor so the country can move on to other things.

Do not mire us, in ‘party politics’. Do not ignore each others voices as for there to be true progress we can not simple label each other ‘obstructionists’. To do so, would be to fall in to a dangerous place.

If those in the minority, have an opinion, let them voice it, give it fair hearing always try, I think to be that “fair jurist” in such we move forward. Instead of falling in to the sands of time as so many others have in ignoring what was good, and right.

Thats all for now.



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