I believe, I have errored.. thus let me make a bit of a correction.

As it is unfair to compare Mr. Trump to former President Nixon. It was probably unfair of me to draw the parallel between Mr. Comey and Elliot Ness of ‘The Untouchables’.

I was, as I frequently do, trying to illustrate a point with an already established plot line which was fairly well known.

In doing so, it undoubtedly divided people along the lines of a ‘Comey Camp’ and ‘Trump Camp’

This was not my intention or design. Instead I wanted to convey a sense of respect I generally felt for Mr. Comey not even knowing the man.

All the more I shall say of it is, I do not believe things are ever truly that simple.

If they are well, I have no desire to go in to the dichotomy of good and evil.



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