I beg to differ! and… ‘stuff’


Is DOES count, when you understand that the screen is part of a phone that has a built in camera and microphone. *grins*

I have observed the ransomworm phenomenon with a degree of interest. I have my opinions on its origins. Without actually looking at the disassembled code and other examples of that persons work though it becomes a matter of speculation which I dont care to engage in at this time. Then there is this tidbit:



Once again, I will refrain from speculation but I do understand the implications..

I suppose the solution does begin with addressing the oldest OS’s first..

We have this the last I could do last night, as I caught earlier indications people were trying to work around the built in kill ‘mechanism’


to use a Star Trek analogy, I’m treating it a bit like the Borg.. until patches are better distributed..


This if I had to suppose, is the original work vs. modders…

I have just three other ‘notes of interest’ at the moment..

I wont elaborate as I dont think it would be productive but I will leave them here.


I do not place blame at x0rz feet.. 1 it is not my place to assign such and secondly there is a bit more intrigue here..

How a security researcher miraculously and accidentally killed the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware

also listed in ‘guardian tech’ as an ‘accidental hero’

I suggest that it is 1) possibly true. Heroes can be found in unlikely places or two, perhaps there is a bit more beneath the surface.

I will close on that thought.

Updates when appropriate.








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