The “Wise”(to quote my own tweet) decision to give an interview to MSNBC..

I posted this last evening

I chose that bit, with some degree of care. Now I choose to elaborate, if just a little because some things including an interview will be analyzed to the point of frivolity.

There are a great many who wish to play games of right vs. left or “party politics”. Having in the past been lavish with his praise of another network to give an interview to NBC somewhat leashed those who might have said he was “playing favorites” with the media.

It is  indeed by my judgement at least somewhat more difficult now for someone to make such a case. If he has time, perhaps Mr. Trump should consider tossing another interview to a third and maybe even 4th network. In this though, it is my opinion he should weigh his options because all these words carry weight and as its ‘taped media’ it can be used in the future, both for or against him.

I am a personal believer in a good degree of transparency, but also understand that all of us, deserve some degree of privacy. While that may not be so possible for those in public life we should still probably be mindful of a request the President and his family requested which was to ‘let the kids be kids’. In this, at least I want to take a moment to praise the press because from what I have observed they seem to be respecting this.


I come to this bit, rethinking this mornings events.. it touches upon a bit of transparency, which I was just writing about and this is what I seem to have come to as a conclusion


I have but one further thought, I hope for all our sakes The President does not fulfill his thought of canceling the daily press conferences. While there maybe mistakes, while there maybe miscommunication the fact that they are trying to provide information to the people says something. Obviously the accuracy of that information is quite important. Perhaps in an effort to restore and preserve the integrity of the event POTUS himself will do one of those press conferences without notifying the press? Its something to think on at any rate…

As for this little ‘digital kitten’

I will not promise this my ‘final note’ of the day… but it does seem time to draw it to a close.



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