Kaspersky, The #Trump interview, and twitter..

I found it quite amusing for some in the press(on both sides of the isle) to declare ‘no one would conduct ‘spying’ on twitter. The very fact you would be so old as to make this claim suggest quite the opposite. It is the old old story of hiding in plain sight. One must understand that the ‘cyber sphere’ as some have dubbed it, is a fluid space. It has, hundreds of platforms, applications, etc. What Mr. Trump has done(not alone, obviously) but he has defined it as a place where he can go and speak directly to the people. Right or wrong, in that moment he provided it as a platform without ‘media bias’ cept that created by algorithms within twitter and such.

The two class system twitter seems to want to impose of those with and ‘without’ check marks would serve as some sort of cheap class system, save one problem ‘bots’ you get one bot verified and you’ve ‘beat the system’ so to speak just a point of interest in case they should ever decide to ask for something like a copy of an ID card to verify people and actually make the system more legit.

In follow up to my bit yesterday, about Kaspersky, the @guardian published a story(I list it here as im about to image snip from it)


As I stated yesterday “The Russians, do not need me to defend them they can advocate for themselves.” I believe in this my words have rang true. To the ‘Senate intel committee’ I strongly suggest, in the interest of fairness you take Mr. Kaspersky up on his offer. Let me tell you why, so theres no disillusionment. I view Mr. Kaspersky as a ‘security researcher’ nothing more, nothing less someone who has managed a business and one of the values we hold up as Americans is the ‘right to face ones accuser’ while the Senate is no formal ‘court of law’ as such, it gives the man a reasonable chance to explain himself, and his companies position on an issues which may have or may be of interest. This is what we call a ‘spirit of fairness’ I’m sure that needs no explanation. He may also have some insight, if provided with materials(as appropriate) in to the actions of the actors in “APT 28” which is of such interest to so many.. it gives a different point of view, a contrast if you will to the “crowdstrike” report. Which may indeed prove crucial in some yet unforseen way going forward.

Moving on a little, to Mr. Trumps interview last night. I watched as Fox attempted to take the conservative/ general republican position. I watched as Ms. Maddow and @Lawrence (I believe thats the correct @) presented what amounted to an attempt to prosecute a case in the court of public opinion(I really do enjoy Ms. Maddows work, believe she’s a good reporter however, very vested in the Trump – Russia story).

Finally the dial landed on @CNN the were going on about how upset (Im paraphrasing from memory here) the ‘White House’ was that ‘Russia has tricked them’


Dear Goddess, honestly? Okay let me tell you what I know. At the end of the day we are all human and foul-able. My thoughts on this however are, frankly, I see no deception. The meetings were planned and announced, I assume security at the White House did their job(and I know they have bug sweeping tools they can clear any room, including the oval office) so what I can only assume I am seeing is a bit of professional jealousy on the part of the American media that the Russians had a bunch of pictures to put out and they did not immediately. Honestly here folks, I put more thought in to the proverbial ‘chess board’ then most because I like to think.

Russia did not ‘trick’ the white house, one must I think view them as one who will always sit across the chess board. At the beginning of any game the sides are evenly matched but every day for my sake I reset the chess board mentally speaking. In doing so, I can sit down and attempt to apply the benefit of hindsight of the past days events to those currently playing out.

As I have stated many times, I love my country. I would be fool to think, as would most anyone that I am the only person in the world to feel this way about where they lived, where they were born, etc. Thusly is the way I view Mr. Putin, I have never met the man, to my knowledge we have never had a direct conversation but I believe on some level I understand him, perhaps this is just speculation on my part but if so, so be it, my blog, I’m entitled to a little.. Three days before his appearance at the Hockey event, I got a proverbial ‘heads up’ that something involving hockey would be involved somehow in the coming days. I will not go in to the when how where when and why in public, though Ill answer any questions my Gov has because its not something that I believe is any kind of secret and I dont have any intent to hide anything from them.

I am going to probably write two bits today as there is more to cover, however this all seemed pressing. Going forward, my Countrymen(and women) I will never suggest that we should not remember history. That the events of ‘Nixon’ should never be discussed but as I have illustrated here we believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and as Mr. Trump is in FACT not Mr. Nixon it is unfair to try him in a court of public opinion no matter which side of the isle you sit on. Report the facts, offer your opinions by all means but I ask you(and remember, as I write this, I did not even vote for the man.. perhaps a mistake in hindsight.. i dont know..) remember that this man IS in fact(seemingly somewhat to even his surprise at times if his on camera bit the other day at the WH is any indication) our President. He sits as Commander in chief and what ever role we need him to sit in as not only a leader, but a servant of the people. He deserves the chance to tell his side of the story and if he and his communications staff have some work to do.. give them time to do it. I do not yet know what kind of President this man will be, but I do know he deserves the respect of the person who holds the office for as long as he holds it.




P.S. I am CC’ing this to Mr. Rubio and the Indiana reps as it involves topics that maybe of interest to them (Fair notice)




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