Let me now find eloquence where words flowed quickly in passion of treading on history’s pages


Some 4 hours ago, I sat back in my little self proclaimed fort / cave / what have you and listened to a ‘senate intel panel hearing’ or some such.

I dont know who those people were, but I’m fairly sure they were some of the Pentagon brass. I would not expect them, in fairness to install software on a ‘secure’ system. They had not vetted this would defy logic. However, My concern here runs far deeper.

We have so many in our press, in our public, especially in light of recent events with The President, and Mr. Comey.. worried about the 2016 election. They prattle on and on about it. For my part as far as APT 28 goes, I have maintained an objective skepticism. When I see the server logs, code snips etc then and only then will I offer an informed opinion on the topic of APT 28.

As to the matter of ‘Did Russia influence the 2016 election with ‘propaganda’? The truth of it, I don’t know. I believe one could make such a case or try to, but when ones goes to sit down to such a task they must ask themselves, in my humble opinion, how far our own press influences events on other shores and where in do we find the balance of right and wrong? Epic questions.. probably best left for wiser souls on other days.

I return to the matter of @Kaspersky because this, is what troubles me.

When it comes to their software, I bought it not based on what company made it, or where that company was based but rather because in my informed opinion it was the best option available at the time.

We have this story from @ABC


“Russian firm under FBI scrutiny offers to help any federal investigation”

I wonder, if the proverbial shoe were on the other foot, and the company were Symantec (or pick an AV company) under suspicion by Russia.. how many people would have different feelings on the topic.


I do not wish to draw any parallels between myself and Mr. Hanks, or his character in this movie, but this movie plot, illustrated a point. A lesson we can choose to take from history, and one that fuels the passionate words I found earlier, that I now work to try to put in to a more presentable form.

We profess to believe deeply in democracy, we profess that this is the founding core of our republic. Yet we would not grant those we would consider an adversary  the benefit of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ promised us as one of our cherished freedoms?

As I alluded to above,  I do not know all the ‘facts on the 2016 elections’ but let us not muddle about, and profess everyone and every company from a country guilty of being ‘against us’ in some ‘us vs. them’ nightmare reliving of the cold war. Simply because they speak a different language or we have some preconceived notion of guilt.

In truth, and in closing, either what we believe here is just and good and true for all men(and women) or it is not so, and as a woman who loves her country, I finally at the end of the day, refuse the accept that. 🇺🇸

I believe that we will survive, not in spite of our values, but because of them and if they shine as a light unto the world then long may that light burn for all who would seek it.



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