I dont know how many people read these… but…

I am aware, of the ‘bubble’ created by the media surrounding places like New York, and DC. If you’re reading this, perhaps its time to peek outside the bubble and have a look at some thoughts from what some in Congress refer to as “fly over country” because believe it or not there are some thoughts that don’t exist along the coasts.

I paid a visit to the local grocery store last night and one of the headlines(Yes, I realize this is wonderful for selling papers) was World War 3. I take care of my business in the local small town this morning, come home and again get an almost step-by-step guide courtesy of Sputnik on twitter “How Donald Trump could start World War 3”.

I again find myself sitting here asking, as perhaps the only adult in the room(Goddess I hope not) why this is such a fascination with people. Lets flash back for a moment, to World War 1. Okay, this is pre-Nuclear weapons warfare. How many people died again?

(I dont have the figures off the top of my head) A lot, okay, a friggin lot. Then we move down the historical road a bit to world war two. Again, how many people died? Once again, we’ll just go with ‘a lot’ whats more, it was billed as a ‘war to end all wars’ well, that didn’t work out so great. We had Korea 1, and Vietnam, not to mention the Gulf wars, Afghanistan, etc.

I made a comment after seeing Mr. Putin/Russia and RT(Russia today) talking about Venezuela and how he was not wasting a diplomatic opportunity because even though I have friends in Venezuela, between Mr. Putin and Mr. Assad. I have felt my hands rather tied in so much as retweeting my friends down there as I am an American and haven’t wanted to be seen as interfering.

Yet, Had the cards been played well by others in the ‘resistance’ in Venezuela, they would have had at least one night of peaceful streets, because ‘through the grapevine’ of the underground down there I had caught wind of Mr. Maduros promise to hold some elections if the people would ‘be cool’ (that meant keep the streets calm to say the least). Now I shared this information quietly with two of my friends in a discreet way and its not long before one of the is going on about ‘A Navy Seal followed me’. Okay so I learned something, some of my associates down there don’t handle discreet well.

Lesson learned, and point taken. However, this shows me, that if the right messages were filtered through the right channels that hope of change there does exist in a peaceful fashion its a matter of timing and ‘who do I trust'(Thats a damned short list by the way.)

I do Not fault, Mr. Putin for taking advantage of a diplomatic opportunity, it was one I was not in a position to act of as Mr. Maduro has been screaming about ‘American intervention’ when the truth is, I have done VERY little to intervene short of retweeting what others in the country have already said mostly with the intent of helping them get elections, food, medicine and other such things,

It has ALSO come to my attention Mr. Assad has decided to weigh in on these issues. Claiming ‘the west wants to rule the world’ or some other such tripe. Mr. Assad,I am making every attempt to be respectful and refrain from weighing in on the chemical weapons issues in your country. Instead of throwing the weight of my voice behind opinion against you where others have called for your removal or trials for events which have unfolded. Instead choosing to leave these matters in the hands of the United Nations who are far better equipped to weigh and measure such things. This is NOTHING but a courtesy on my part. In return, I would ask, please, that you refrain from addressing the issue of Venezuela. Consider it ‘Nexys core interest’ as I have previously stated I have friends there and that carries a great deal weight.

I have previously addressed the Issues of ‘Crimea and Ukraine’ I have stated my views on this. I do not feel I need to rehash it, and if Mr. Putin or the Russians wish to discuss it further well, let us just say that I do keep an eye on the news.(I still want a crimea burger darnit.. also, if you make it to Chicago.. a place called ‘Kumas’ has a world class sandwich you may wish to try it).

Finally that brings up to perhaps the most pressing topic.. North Korea

I have illustrated both on @Nexykat(on twitter) and other places that The North Koreans are not responding to our words, they are responding to our deeds. Right up to the submarine we christened when they threatened to sink a submarine.

The more prov-active our stance, in deeds the more they dial up their rhetoric. Theres going to come a time when they do not just respond with words and this planned “Minute man 3” launch maybe just the excuse they are waiting for to launch that next nuclear test everyone has been wetting themselves over. I Am NOT any branch of Christian or Catholic, religion doesn’t enter in to this other then the fact that I hold this belief that life is a precious thing so, if you want a way out of this rabbit hole. I am writing you one. Now I’m not a general, I’m not an Admiral but these people have grown up in military tradition they are prepared to fight. They thing about it, they plan for it it is what they do it is in their blood. What I am am doing is the opposite in this case. I am literally writing you a way NOT to fight. A fight that would cost millions if not BILLIONS of lives. That said, with all due respect to all involved. I NEED you to hear this, PLEASE CFB.

The way out here, is you cancel that minute man three launch. I dont care whether you weather, technical issues, or divine intervention.


Then You take that lovly American Carrier group, which has been so well advertised and reposition it away from the Koreas. Idc if you move it to Japan, Australian, Midway Island.. I Dont CARE. If they are matching us ‘move for move’ which has been the exact pattern up to this point this gives us much needed breathing room and cuts the cor4d of tension which has been irresponsibly built up.

I’ll go on solving the worlds problems tomorrow..but after this, I think I deserve a break.

Good Luck.


‘The Excellence of Execution’





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