[#opinion][UN-censored] Feeling brutally honest? Great, me too…

I woke up early this morning, not all together unheard of but it has had some unexpected results. One of which was an unplanned nap this afternoon which resulted in some other folks apparently feeling extra honest. Then, in light of this, I believe I will be candid while at the same time trying to walk a line of being respectful.


If I do not succeed in this, please do recall, I am indeed only human.

I said some time ago, and I literally mean years here that I believed Mr. Putin would like to have the Ukraine. This is supported by something I saw earlier:



What I did not appreciate when I had that idea, was the view the Russians(or Soviets if you prefer) perspective on history. I’ve sat back for awhile and refrained on purpose from any comment on the Ukraine situation incl. Crimea because 1) Not my place

2) The Russians make the Crimea burger look good 🙂

and 3) Probably most important attaining perspective takes time.

Now I am perfectly willing to not delve too deeply in to the topic, but what I would suggest is we take the view of Ukraine as if it were Germany before the wall fell. The Soviets/Russians would not have let the ‘allies’ march in to east Germany, and the ‘allies’ would not let the Russians/Soviets march west. While there is no ‘wall’ dividing the Ukraine in such a matter, with global affairs being what they are I would strongly advise that the status quo be maintained in this area.

What the hell gives me the right to make such a suggestion?


When I turn on my t.v. on a daily basis I have some damned fool or another talking about ‘nuclear war’. Right now the talking heads are somewhat distracted by this ‘Trumps 100 days thing’ which yay much better topic but still the fact is the world leaders have decided, apparently to dance madly on the head of a pin.

What else do I see?

As I stated last night I believe it was, I DO believe the Chinese are proverbially ‘bending over backwards’ to be helpful with the NoKo(North Korea) issue. This is appreciated, but the mindful kitty takes note of something else. The “Special Relationship” which appears to exist between China and Russia.h8EtNS

There have been other posts as well, indicating the relationship is at and I believe this is a direct quote “an all time high”. From a big picture point of view this makes sense and as long as NATO is intact, it seems that the two should counterbalance each other. All together then, no big issues as long as no one goes testing national borders.

Which brings me to the ever sticky topic of North Korea in earnest. We’re all being honest here right? Thats how discussion goes we give our points of view and then see where theres common ground.. This whole North Korea thing could be over in about a minute. The drama is pushing nerves to the limits and somewhere sometime someone is going to do or say the wrong thing and then theres a hot damn mess and people are dead. Even if Kim Jong Un used a nuclear weapon, we wouldnt have to use a nuclear reply. Lets face it, we could create a crater with conventional weapons  especially if he did a pearl harbor style unprovoked attack. No one in the world is going to say “Yes, we know he nuked you but you cant respond” Its beyond comprehension.

I find it interesting that two of his recent weapons tests have failed. Now after all the successful tests he’s had in the past of various hardware, you’re going to tell me he can’t launch a short range missile? I wont suggest what I’m thinking on this but I have theories.

I am a wiccan(tree hugger/pagan/witch/whatever) but recently I found myself agreeing with this guy:



Okay, this is SERIOUSLY like the bottom line. I dont give a .. darn… whether you do arbitrated talked between the US and NK with a Swiss arbiter or if you do some modified 6 party talks thing as Mr. Putin suggested but this middle of the pacific pissing contest needs to end.

I had panic attacks for years, they are no where near what they used to be and the ONLY theory I have left is our creator no matter how you choose to view that being put me through those days that I would have the nerves and strength of will for the days which seem to be upon me. That I could think and react clearly with thought and be a voice of sanity when so many others were quick to try to unleash to dogs of war. Let me tell you, first one to reach for the dog leash instead of the muzzle is going to get their proverbial hand slapped. Now I’m over it, play nice and stop making me be the …darned adult in the room..


Which brings me to Mr. Snowden. I have previously tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s been a rather popular figure.. but..that doubt has now been brought to a reality:bswLlC

So.. ‘Comrade Snowden’ are you pleased w/ yourself?

I have purposely refrained from comment on Syria, even though Mr. Assad has seen fit to involve discussion of #Venezuela where I have friends I will continue to refrain from any comment out of respect for “Casper”.

Also, I am pleased to see this:


IF it is true… 6 years is a long time for a war.. and its my feeling those people deserve some peace.

More later… don’t disappoint me folks, I still hold out hope for humanity.



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