Clarification: Re: #Natsec

I have a number of updates to do. I had planned to not get this achieved until Monday however because of current events I felt it necessary to take ‘unusual steps’ to expedite the updates here.

Last week(I dont have an exact day) I made a phone call. Now before I go in to depth about what that phone call entails let me provide a bit of a history lesson. Some time ago, I encountered a person who very much appeared through materials on his twitter time line to have an affiliation with the ‘bad guys’.

This person attempted to use logic to convert me to his ways of thinking. He failed, because I am secure in my own spiritual beliefs and frankly, I found his logic flawed.

I can say it was like staring evil down through a monitor, and the take away on this is evil blinks.

Now, as to the phone call I made last week, I am aware of a ‘cyber caliphate’ member called ‘Dr. Isis’ in a bit of a pinch, I drew the conclusion this might be someone who is creating rather popular videos which seem to make use of voice synthesizers. Whether or not that hastily drawn conclusion was accurate, I errored on the side of caution and made a phone call with one simple thought in mind “My country may be in danger”.


Now whether or not that is or was actually the case, that was the underlying factor which sparked the phone call. Needless to say I believe it was ‘blown off’ as no one ever bothered to return the call and or drop by to see what materials I had for them.

“Dont say, I didn’t warn you” as the song lyrics go.



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