Yes, Rachel.. I have something to declare (Opinion)

We stand on the edge of an abyss, The world on all sides ready for war. This however, would be a choice. We can not undo the words of yesterday, as some have said the past it prologue. In the West, fleets are gathered, with eyes on North Korea, in the East, the Russians worry of a secret strike against them, undoubtedly feeling backed in to a corner. As I have previously stated, while I can speak for no one else. I do not seek to harm the bear.

I am assuming from the stories I see


that alert levels on both sides have been raised. Now I am just one person sitting out in the middle of no where with no authority over the military, BUT I do recall a phrase let me see if I remember it correctly “civilian oversight” I believe it was.



Last night I caught just a few moments of Rachel Maddows show on MSNBC, the image stuck in my mind is the American and Russian flags and a question asking, “Anything to declare?”

Yes, Rachel, at this point, I have something to declare..

I am fairly sure, that being of sound mind and steady nerves, this series of events unsettled event the sturdiest among us. What we have now, is an opportunity to see where our world has been headed. I do not sit in the circles of power, In Moscow, In China or DC, I sit as one of the countless who would suffer if we do not see where this path would have lead and turn from it. Not because it is easy, but because it is just and right and good we should do so.

Mr. Lavrov had a seemingly good take on recent events as it came through the Spanish version of RT last night. I’m paraphrasing “The US and Soviet Union in the cold war did not find themselves in the situation we do now. ”

Borders have changed and the current situation is even more inherently dangerous. From my understanding in the old days there were lines neither side crossed. Let us quickly then find a ground where those lines exist again for all of our sakes.

I am confident, that President Trump will ‘not seek the path of madness here’ no matter how the most recent events may appear to the world.

Further, it is my belief that a steady and reassuring hand and counsel is to be found in the man he has picked for his Vice President. They seem determined, and resolute to bring back American jobs, and bolster the trade with old friends and make new ones.

While it is beyond me at this time to know all of the factors involved I can say that between check and balances and those occupying the ‘halls of power’ in Washington

America stands ready to stay the course in international affairs and yet give some much needed attention to events at home.

More as events warrant.




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