My thoughts on NK..and the ‘irresponsible dialog’ [Opinion]

I noticed this bit when it came through my feed a week+ ago, I didn’t know exactly what to make of it at the time, but now in light of recent events it makes more sense.


I’ve also written a rough draft of my own personal assessment of NK and what ‘may be’ the case. Granted all of this is just my opinion but I’m going to leave it up here for consideration.

Let me “Change your math a little on NK”
Everyone Ive heard has been working under the premise that NK could not strike the lower 48 with a nuclear assault.
I made no such assumtion, instead, I worked under the premise they could and just chose not to advertise it. They have displayed their troops marching
w/ ‘nuclear packs’ so they do not have to drop a bomb to attack something. A little of that material goes a long way.
What I’m thinking here, is we talk to them. Even if they launch a strike on America, we wouldn’t have to reply with nuclear means conventional weapons in such a scenario would have the same result only a lot more lives would be lost.
We had one Korean war, it is not forgotten. We do not need a second.
Instead, I would propse we redraw the line creates\d by the weall at the 38th parallel.
Demilitarize it to some degree to promote trade between the two parts of the penensula(sp)
We do not just “tear down the wall” we start by pouring new concrete and create some sort of interlocking gate system
for security checks.

When one constantly finds a tense situation, such as we have seen for years at the 38th, the feeling of weapons pointed at one becomes a constant source of tension. My thought is perhaps if we ratchet down said tension we

a) create jobs for both sides of the walls(as there would be some new ones)

and b) give the diplomats and politicians time to find a long-term solution to the issue.

I am aware of two additional US ships entering the region as of yesterday as per news.. I then took note of three ‘goodwill’ ships reportedly leaving China.. I dont recall what ‘mission’ they were going on, however let me tell you what I see, I see a continuing buildup on both sides, if news reports are any reflection in a region where tensions are already strained to say the least.

All sides have an interest here, but if anything goes wrong it will be humanity who pays the price. I do have a way for NK to ‘save face’ so to speak.

If they were to abandon their testing out of ‘environmental concerns’ the reasoning would be valid. In exchange, to agreeing to not hold any more in the atmosphere Nuclear tests, perhaps the international community would be willing to extend them things such as humanitarian aid.

I stress that point because no matter how  we handle Nk, with sanctions and so forth, it would be improper to let the people under the current system there to go hungry so why not yes apply pressure with sanctions, but at the same time show compassion for those caught between a rock and a hard place in the conflict.


Update: 4/28/2017

From what I can see some are still very much missing the point. The press apparently has a sound bite from last night which they have decided to play ad nauseam where POTUS said something about the possibility of conflict with NK. This is irresponsible given the delicate nature of the situation *cough CNN cough*

What do I see? Well, Lets get started on that bit, shall we?

Everyone needs to drop the calling ‘Kim Jong Un ‘crazy’ its counterproductive.(this is again, my opinion) heres why. Everyone is SO very worried about an attack with an ICBM they may not recall the footage I do, where a great many of the North Korean soldiers were marching with packs with Nuclear symbols on them. To deliver a attack with those materials they dont NEED a missile. Various movies which I wont name have outlined how those materials could cause mass casualties not to mention a terrible scare,

This leads me to the conclusion if Kim Jong Un wanted to launch a WMD style attack he could have already done so and yet, he hasn’t because the consequences would undoubtedly be “not in his, or his countries best interest” to say the least.

I’m going to touch on the good and the bad here. I think the launching of the unarmed ICBM was a mistake. I think while yes, it did send a very clear message it added to the stack of logs that is a diplomatic fire waiting to happen.

There is hope here however, because (President)Mr. Trump played things very smart last night. I watched it, and he’s given himself two roads here which do NOT involve military action. Let me outline..


This was a thinking mans move, he can take that call later or he can call them if there is something important BUT and thats a big BUT.. This is him quietly reaffirming Chinas ‘One China policy’.



We(the US) has an Admiral saying and I’m paraphrasing a bit but “Pearl Harbor is vulnerable”. Now if I were a thinker(which I do enjoy) I would say this covers multiple bases. Russia and China are not real fond of THAAD in their back yard. It is my understanding that many South Koreans simply do not want it there either. The logical step here seems to be redeploying some of the forces around SOKO in a defensive formation around pearl. This reduces tension in the region. We can negotiate with South Korea on whether or not THAAD remains and  If we do not wish to pull those forces back as far as Pearl, we could redeploy them closer to Japan. The point being we dont NEED to have all those ships on the doorstep of Korea with the current tensions in the region.

[updating other bits, more to come today]


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