a burning of the proverbial sage 21st century style.

Now where did we put that satellite? *boggle*


Anyway, that was not the topic of the moment just something that popped up on youtube mostly unnoticed 47k views and i was all hrm.


Why I sat down here, was I noticed this earlier(and literally im here in a spirit of transparency):

This is gonna get a bit personal because of the subject matter so, fair warning.


I have not been with anyone else intimately for a good while. Thats my choice, thats a result of being comfortable in ones own skin. I personally had no idea 7 months ago they banned pornhub. If thats their rule, hopefully they’ll get the necessary technical measures in place  to take take care of it.

Now if someones been in my android thats another matter thats personal space now I know they arent secure but I dont have a lot of money.

All those cards on the table, I am troubled by a headline and granted its an outside view point, I acknowledge that. I was proud to see one of our elected representatives from my state stand up and speak out earlier on the issue but you know, bit of context. 🙂

I dont recall which one, do remember its from my home state. Heres the headline:


Now I can’t speak for anyone else, but Im damn sure willing to look away while a firewall rule is rewritten to prevent porn in places where its not wanted or may be illegal for the piece of mind that would come from knowing those people were ok.

I cant turn a blind eye to this kind of thing, its not really in me. At the same time, I want to be respectful so I’m going to leave this here, not even over in the twitterverse or the 100 other social media channels(apps) and just let the powers that be ‘sort these things’. please?’.

Thats it for now, update in the am.. maybe.



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