Yesterday was something… lets not again eh?

I continue to observe ongoing events both at home and abroad with keen interest. I think, I hope, the tension of yesterday may come to ease in the following days. For those who needed a history lesson

On top of that we in modern day had a very tense meeting at least what it appeared to be to the outside world between Mr. Tillerson and Mr. Lavrov. I can tell you from the outside looking in I think more then a few people were holding their proverbial breath and hoping the dialog would be constructive.

Pending, we had the US banks preparing to deliver their profit reports and other domestic things(yes, I do keep a casual eye on the markets though I dont own stock atm).

I am encouraged, by the prevailing seeming willingness on the larger stage to establish new and expansive, inclusive dialog which works to resolve long standing issues of interest to many.

I am not naive enough to believe problems like Syria, or North Korea can be resolved in short order. However, when we begin seeing the words deescalate and dialog used more and words like “nuclear” used less I think we can all begin to sleep a little more soundly.

I am mindful, of old friends, and they are not forgotten. I also welcome new ones in a hope that better days may lay ahead.

I have a piece of wallpaper on my desktop(this machine), its why I was so very pleased, when the British honored us with the loan of the bust of Sir Winston Churchill(thats the wallpaper).


Last night, I tried to take the advice offered by one of Historys leaders. I stood quietly in my little corner of the internet and spoke:


Then, I sat down, and listened.

This, then, is how I found the reply to be..

even though, I do not speak their language(translate helps a lot) the lesson is there if you can quiet yourself for a moment. The culture, the world we all share, the environment these are things which going forward sanity and reason tell us that things like nuclear testing in our atmosphere are not a path we should tread. I trust we all know what ground water is?

I implore, those who would truly come to a table in peace in a spirit of dialog to not go so stuck on one days news quotes that they lock us in a concrete which we can not escape.

Thats all I have for the moment, I will, be listening.




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