Let me preface this post with a on the record statement, that I have no ties to Washington, politically or personally(other then thats my Countries capitol (derp)). I’m just a middle aged retired hacker in a small town in middle America.

I’m sure most Americans keep abreast of the news, in some fashion. I however have come to no longer view the news as a static thing. Indeed, if one manages the flow of information and knows when news cycles begins and ends, has some understanding of the public one can pretty well predict what will make the evening news.

From day one, subsequent my last entry re: the message left on Sputnik, I have held a fools hope that if we should ever have need of it, we would have a ‘back channel’ yet I can never really know whether that exists or not eh? I choose to proceed, as I always have with respect for those on the bigger stage and a feather touch to issues which maybe of a delicate nature.

Let me give you some personal background here, I am no white knight, no hero no ones ‘savior’ I’m not entirely an innocent or a bastion of virtue and dont want to paint myself that way. I have made some damn huge mistakes in my life, too many to name but I regret them, I want to believe I have learned from them.

At one time, many years ago I was Administrator on as many as 13 FxP boards. I was respected among my peers and tried to treat all the users under me with respect, (delegating authority was useful) banned the trolls, spammers, etc, dealt with the technical side of it, and hacked more then a few boxes. I didnt believe in automated scripts the curiosity was a big part of it.

Now many years later we hear of old attack vectors not fixed and I sit here wondering, as someone who doesnt have a job, sitting away from the seats of power if I can be of any use to my country. I signed on the dotted line many years ago, but at that time they had ‘reached the ged cutoff’ so now I’m a bit more seasoned with life experience but probably wont ever see a battlefield. My deepest respects to those who do, who fight for us, you are remembered.

That said, I sit and watch the world stage with great interest. From the perspective of someone who has no political power, and has never seriously sought any. I watched the events in Syria last week, and to spite a lot of effort on my part not to form strong opinions on things in the middle east because to put it simply ‘its complicated’ I find myself a witness to events none the less.


‘Curious Cat, is intrigued’ I’ve heard it said Mr. Trump is open to ‘outside the box’ ideas. Well, heres me making a footnote, I’ve been known to color outside the lines.

Anyway,  shifting focus the events in Syria make me wonder about the NK situation more. I pointed out earlier when China apparently made a comment about the US and NK exercising restraint that they were being ‘the adult in the room’. My thinking further goes something like this, Mr. Trump is no stranger to bad press, surely he can see how years of narrative written by the media may have complicated things in ways which neither side is fully acknowledging. I understand Nk’s media is state run, but perhaps the first step in deescalating the whole mess is to drop some not so casual hints to the press that thats what you’re going to do.

Spell it out for them if you have to, really its cards on the table time. When we see examples of stories that call a countries president ‘unhinged’ (I believe thats a direct quote of a headline I actually saw today) that goes absolutely no where in establishing talks the NK people see this and blow it off as Western propaganda, the same way people in the west probably tend to view anything put out by the state run media over there.

This is a binary choice folks, the options here are dialog, or insanity. Personally, I’m voting for the constructive dialog option.

In all this, I’ve gained some respect for people who ARE players on the bigger stage, not the least of which was SecDef at the news conference yesterday, he seemed to choose his words with care.. an example some could learn from(admittedly, myself included at times).

Listening to the ongoing press conference, and holding on to hope..

Thats all for this one.. new thoughts when events merit.



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