Athena upon a hill…her eyes red, her lips closed, sword at feet. [more opinion…]

I wrote this tidbit yesterday:

[If I were a thinking woman, and I started to add up events
Not believing in ‘coincidence’ I would begin to see a very concerning picture.
Ref: Pres. Trump
What do we have? We have an intruder on WH grounds who went unnoticed for 16 minutes.I dont know about you, but I can survey a lot of information in that time. Even if that guy goes to jail he has information on layouts and such that could be relayed to a third party.We have stolen SS pins..
Then a laptop goes missing that just happened to have Trump Tower plans on it.
The point you can “wipe it remotely” and it was “encrypted” is moot.]

Then today, we see A man threaten with a ‘bomb’ or ‘explosive device’

Any fool knows, that guy is going to get arrested. The thinking woman might ask herself though, what could an onlooker have learned when authorities responded?







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