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after Westminster..

Yesterday, this came through my twitter feed:


205 (I’m treating this as a small intel gift from the Russians)

Leads us to this link:

Looking at it, the first person doesn’t get it, the series of ones and zeroes, is binary, and binary converts to letters, or numbers in ASCII.

00110101 00110001 00101110 00110101 00110000 00110000 00111001 00110100 00110111 00101100 00100000 00101101 00110000 00101110 00110001 00110010 00110100 00110101 00110011 00110000

Theres the binary.

When we take it over to a binary to ascii converter, we get


Well, its not a word or phrase.. what is it?


Gps coords…

Now those posters have IP addresses, and if someone does their homework.. they may find more…

Anyway, this was my productive moment yesterday, and I must say it was nice to feel useful even if nothing comes of it.



Athena upon a hill…her eyes red, her lips closed, sword at feet. [more opinion…]

I wrote this tidbit yesterday:

[If I were a thinking woman, and I started to add up events
Not believing in ‘coincidence’ I would begin to see a very concerning picture.
Ref: Pres. Trump
What do we have? We have an intruder on WH grounds who went unnoticed for 16 minutes.I dont know about you, but I can survey a lot of information in that time. Even if that guy goes to jail he has information on layouts and such that could be relayed to a third party.We have stolen SS pins..
Then a laptop goes missing that just happened to have Trump Tower plans on it.
The point you can “wipe it remotely” and it was “encrypted” is moot.]

Then today, we see A man threaten with a ‘bomb’ or ‘explosive device’

Any fool knows, that guy is going to get arrested. The thinking woman might ask herself though, what could an onlooker have learned when authorities responded?






The day Athena visited the Oracle of Delphi. A uncensored opinion. #DelphiMurders

Point of reference:


I thought when the Dephi story broke, theres an “Unsub” with a connection to luck and the #13. When the case went national and he undoubtedly felt pressure. I thought then said unsub might strike again due to increased pressure. The 13th of the month ticks by, then we have St. Patrick’s day. Then we have this mornings events. I also think its tied to the case in Iowa where two girls went missing, and No links? Well if the Unsub has ties to luck and the #’s 13 and 7 that might be the common ground.