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Why Donald (Pres.) Trumps Crimea statement makes sense, in an odd view of the world kind of way.


For a good while now, I have made the assertion that Mr. Putin, wants the Ukraine.

Lets assume for a moment that I am not totally head buried in the sand wrong. However, Mr. Trump doesn’t want to get in to a war, not even a war of words over the Ukraine.

All of a sudden, talking about Crimea makes a bit more sense. He goes back to something longer settled in order to hopefully find a middle ground, or maintain the situation  as-is at the very least which is currently ongoing there.

Its the political equivalent of “I really want this, but I’ll settle for…” trying to find a point which can be negotiated. We in the west are not blind to the Ukraine, we aren’t blind to Crimea either.

Lets say though, that we believe the voting results for Crimea. They wanted to be part of Russia, and got their wish. Okay, if thats true, then don’t the people of the Ukraine deserve a say in their fate as well? Dialog must be maintained. The days of taking what one wants are something the world can not afford to go back to.

Perhaps by bringing up Crimea Mr. Trump hopes to perform something like what he did with China and Taiwan, looking for a point of negotiation. Take an issue you know is settled, like the One China policy bring it to the forefront and then use that as a point to negotiate something you really do want. “Well, if we can’t talk about this, what can we discuss?” The problem is, much like Taiwan and China, Crimea is not something the Russians are likely to want to talk about.

The sensible thing to do, would be pick up the phone and ask to discuss it if its really on his mind. However, thats not Mr. Trumps style is it? Its not what he really did with China.

With China he took the hardest line he could possibly find, “Lets talk about something we know they don’t want to talk about!” <insert face-palm graphic>

Instead of going for the low hanging fruit, Mr. President, when will you just ask about what you really want?

The Taiwan-China bit is a real life lesson we can can learn from, if we choose to. It unnecessarily inflamed tensions and in the end nothing changed(except the Chinese view of us perhaps). If you choose to pursue Crimea, Mr. President. We can probably expect more of the same, nothing will change except people wondering “What does he really want?”

An odd thing about people, they tend to hear what you say instead of what you may mean.

I’ll say what I mean, Mr. President. If you want to talk to the Russians about the Crimea situation(where they are unlikely to budge), or the Ukraine, you should call Mr. Putin up and have that chat. It will kill a lot of speculation in the less well lit corners of the internet.

Just my .02 for what its worth.

[This is a work in progress… updates later]