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9-11 happened because “we lacked imagination” Never again.

It was 2001 and America has not yet suffered the horrible attacks that would soon lead to two new wars. The intelligence community had rumors and insight, but not specific targets or what they deemed ‘credible threats’. The original plan of Osama Bin Ladens org  was to use 10 planes, its outlined here in a 2004 story by the New York times.

In another story, the targets they did not hit are specifically named ( link ) they were “U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, and Seattle’s Columbia Center”. Now that we’ve reviewed what they were thinking then. Lets fast forward to now. Its been many years, 15 to be exact and in the past couple days word has reached the American media that ISIS/IS/Daesh (henceforth referred to as ‘the bad guys’) are wanting to plan something big.

The media, in their infinite wisdom has splashed it about that their target may be the Macys Thanksgiving day parade. While the Sept. 11th attacks were in New York (and of course Washington D.C.) and this represents a target with a large number of people the bad guys, as much as we might wish they are are in fact not grotesquely stupid.

New York has perhaps the most effective anti-terrorist forces in the world post 9/11 and with the media splashing this story across the headlines it is undoubted the police and other agencies will be hoping people will use the ‘If you see something, say something’ guideline. Add to the 9/11 attacks the fact that a few months ago a man with a pressure cooker type device launched more attacks in New York and the probability people will be fairly aware of their surroundings there  is amplified further.

Now, we begin to add up the warning signs of what maybe in the works at least whats shown itself so far. First off, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has taken a leave from Mosul, disappearing according to the guardian. The timing of this, does not bode well if something big is in the works.

I have vaguely suggested what the bad guys plan may be, stringing the headlines together on twitter accounts and just playing the ‘hope that I am wrong’ game. Then tonight another headline popped through my news feed, which made the  hair on my neck stand on end.

Last night, while in the twitterverse just after I had read the bit about the bad guy threat to the Macys parade and made the comment ‘This feels like watch my right hand not my left’ this headline came through; “Airports warned of ‘terrorist infiltration’ in an exclusive from the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ (an article which, a day later may have well flown under the headlines of the mainstream media).

I’m going to do a bit of quoting here:

Australian airports are “extremely vulnerable” to infiltration by terrorists who could launch catastrophic attacks from within, one of the world’s leading cybercrime and counter-terrorism experts has warned.

Scary, then add to that their systems have apparently already been compromised:

Last week, the AFP revealed that air traffic control broadcasts at Melbourne had been hacked over several weeks by a hoaxer.

Which brings us to this evening. One of the feeds I follow on twitter is Chinas XinHua News. (I try to get a bit of news from everywhere to get a fairly balanced world view.) Check out this tweet. Whats that picture on the right? The Melbourne airport? Indeed it is. This isn’t rocket science folks, they are doing recon. They’ve given you a date, Turkey day or at least very near to it. They’ve got targets they missed, and they seem to have opportunity. The question is, are the proverbial powers that be going to be watching the recon on  the mainstream media and what has been handed to them by the bad guys or are they going to look at the bigger picture and have a bit more imagination then they did 15 years ago.

The bad guys didn’t get done everything they wanted to the first time, time will tell if they have decided to take another roll of the dice.

This is obviously one of those times, where I want to be wrong but if I say nothing and something happens I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself so this is me, pounding the alarm.